X Marks the Future

X Marks the Future

Navigating the exponential future

Digital technologies are deceptive, but will ultimately disrupt every industry. The internet of everything is driving a tsunami of data via sensors and embedded chips – technology is becoming invisible, but central to automated business processes and work life.

Artificial intelligence, 3D printing, nanotech and advanced robotics are just some of the ‘X Factors’ that are augmenting human capabilities to create smart industries, and together with connected urban landscapes, we are moving towards a smart society of the future.

X marks the Future examines the exponential impact of these ‘X Factors’ on business in particular and life in general. It’s the combinatorial effect of these technologies that creates exponential results, and the opportunities for disruptive business models.

"We are on the brink of a technological renaissance - and most of us are too wrapped up in what we are doing to notice!"

How will you respond to the challenge? 

How will your team face an uncertain but exciting future, where almost anything is possible?

How will you avoid disruption, and be the disruptor?

X marks the Future is passionately presented by one of FutureWorld’s International Gurus and can be delivered as a keynote for an executive or client event or conference, or as an interactive workshop to explore your company’s individual challenges – and opportunities.