Thriving inside the Perfect Storm

Thriving inside the Perfect Storm

The case for change: The world is changing in rapid and radical ways. It’s radically affecting all industries. Are you ready?

Inside the “Perfect Storm”: We’re surfing a technology tsunami! New technologies are shifting the way the world operates, the way people live, and the way we do business. And now, Covid-19 is shattering “business (and life) as usual” and laying the groundwork for a new normal that has yet to emerge.

Nothing will ever be the same, as customers take control of relationships and business truly become digital. But the connectivity explosion has also created a global trust crisis. Who do we trust – the local pharmacy, or Google? Our local politicians, or a stranger we have never met on Facebook?

Leaders have to address this crisis if they are to thrive inside the Perfect Storm, because power is shifting – moving from institutions, from governments and big companies, into the hands of connected individuals. This is completely reshaping societies, economics, politics and business. And this is giving rise to a generation of new, nimble, innovative competitors across the entire business market, who are challenging the existing players with different models and new rules. It really is the “perfect storm”!

Themes we explore include:

  • Your customer of the future: What will your customer of tomorrow demand? What technology do you need to invest in today, to prepare for the next-generation marketplace?

  • Gazing into the future: The revolution is far from over! What will the world look like “beyond 2020″? We explore a series of scenarios from the future to break the “business as usual” mindset.

  • Stepping into that future: What must you do as a leader – both in the short term to ensure business survival, but more critically, to position your business to thrive in the post-Covid world? How should you respond to this challenging, frightening world in which we live? How do you keep your teams motivated and focussed?

  • In the conclusion to this interactive, multimedia presentation, Futureworld explores methodologies to understand the future, and to thrive inside a world of turbulence.