The Future is Never Urgent

The Future is Never Urgent

Futureworld has helped clients create more than 100 new breakthrough businesses. It’s been an amazing laboratory for learning about how executives and organizations anticipate, and act on, profound change. How to understand the future, choose your opportunities in it …and make it happen!

Now that much of what we imagined decades ago has come to pass, and on sober reflection about success and failure, we’d love to get together with your executive team and share some of our thoughts and ideas on the lessons we have learnt about thinking strategically, future business and technology, and the future of leadership. And specifically, how leaders take radical ideas straight to the bottom line!

We’ll reveal the ‘magic numbers’ uncovered in our experience, and what they may mean to you:

2x, 3-5, 1000x, >0, Not #1

We’ll also share with your executive team some of Futureworld’s powerful scenarios of the world Beyond>2020, and explore how the new business values – such as openness, transparency and trust – will manifest themselves in new business models.

An optional workshop can help bring the debate around these issues to key decisions for the executive team.

This keynote is passionately presented by one of Futureworld’s Network of Futurists.