Technology Megatrends from the Future

Technology Megatrends from the Future

We have always used technology to advance society and civilization, from the dawn of the Stone Age to the maturing of the Internet Age. But new technologies emerging from the labs and making their way into mainstream society will dramatically change the way we live and work – again. Beyond the information age lies a world of abundance – and massive disruption!

The Futureworld keynoteTechnology Megatrends from the Future explores the exciting new technologies that will transform the world and destroy traditional businesses. From ubiquitous connectivity through data-driven algorithms to 3D printing and the automation of everything, everything is going digital and exponential. Advanced robotics and the ‘energy internet’ will create a world where scarcity dissolves as goods and services are delivered at near zero marginal cost.

How will business survive and flourish in an exponential world, where whole industries have been replaced by digital services? What will happen to jobs when everything is automated? The risks and challenges are immense, but the opportunities are unbounded, for the smart business that can anticipate these megatrends, and capitalize on a disruptive future.

Technology Megatrends from the Future can be delivered as a keynote for an executive or client event, or as an interactive workshop to explore your company’s individual challenges.

This keynote is passionately presented by one of Futureworld’s Network of Futurists.