Quantum Future of the Corporation

Quantum Future of the Corporation

The corporation was once touted as one of man’s greatest inventions, enabling individuals to aggregate resources and compete with the trading giants of yesteryear. But, in this exponentially changing world, the corporation as we know it is facing unprecedented challenges from shifts in business – speed, collaboration, openness, social media, crowd-sourcing and many more. In fact, the corporation’s current ‘industrial age’ behavior may ensure its demise in time.

So, will – or should – the corporation of today survive? That’s the question we will explore.

In this provocative theme, FutureWorld unpacks exciting new opportunities that are offered to those brave enough to rewire the operating and engagement models for business. We will challenge to the core your traditional thoughts on the structure and purpose of the corporation. We will leave you stretched and maybe even scared by the enormity of the change required – but also deeply excited by the potential to build structures that are future relevant and globally scalable.

Your future customers, business partners, talent and society will love this. But are you up to the challenge? That’s the choice you face if you believe in being future-proof!

This theme can be delivered as a keynote for a conference or strategic event, or as the foundation for a powerful interactive workshop.