Naked Leadership

Naked Leadership

In the new age of openness and transparency, everyone – and increasingly, everything – is connected and active. There really is no place to hide!

Digital technologies create profound impacts on leadership and management of organisations, and on the modern leader – they splinter and diffuse old paradigms – yet link the world into a single and chaotic global network. Blogs, wikis, crowdsourcing, augmented reality, social networks…the entire nature of communication in and with the marketplace is changing.

In their wake, these technologies create massive new market opportunities and make it possible to lead from anywhere in the network. For leaders, it’s about much more than technology.

Charles Handy said it brilliantly: “Leaders cannot afford to walk backwards into the future, with eyes firmly fixed on past achievements – we have to turn around and face the future.”

Naked Leadership is about grasping the forces shaping this digital marketspace, and building a fresh mind-set that enables you to shed established, but redundant, leadership habits and be ready to face the future as a naked leader, with any old paradigms stripped away.

Naked Leadership provides hard-hitting, practical insight into the realities of leadership in the uber-networked world, and offers a foundation to workshop a specific road-map for your business to thrive in the bewildering blur of life and business at warp speed! FutureWorld would also be able to facilitate such a workshop immediately following the keynote presentation.

This keynote is passionately presented by one of Futureworld’s Network of Futurists.