Lessons from the Future

Lessons from the Future

Consumer culture, technology and business models – we know what the world was like in the past, but what is the inevitable future in the coming decades?

This powerful audio-visual presentation is a roller-coaster ride from the culture of the sixties and seventies – and the attitudes, products and companies it spawned – to the potential scenarios of 2020 and beyond.

What could we have learnt about the future back then? Why did we miss some of the most important new developments such as the personal computer and the impact of the mobile phone? And learning from perfect hindsight, what can we realistically expect to hit us in the future? Which will be the winning and losing industries? What will be the winning nations? What lessons can we learn from this future that we can apply to our business thinking today?

In this warp-speed world it is no longer sufficient to learn from experience – we must learn to learn from the future!

This presentation is based on Wolfgang Grulke’s best selling book “Ten Lessons from the Future”.

This keynote is passionately presented by one of Futureworld’s Network of Futurists.