Leader of the Future

Leader of the Future

FutureWorld, in association with Cindy Solomon & Associates (CSA Inc), is offering a powerful two-day “Leader of the Future” intensive workshop that is nothing less than a game-changing approach to leadership, employee engagement and customer service.

More than 5,000 leaders of global organizations like Google, Citibank, Cisco and The Ritz Carlton group have experienced this powerhouse program – and rated it 4.9 out of 5. This is what they had to say:

“This training has had a direct impact on my numbers. I’ve never seen my team more focused on success before.”

“I’ve been able to turn my entire team around in the two months since the program. I’ve never been more inspired.”

“We are seeing triple digit improvements in many of our metrics and I directly credit my focus on developing and enabling my team since attending this event.”

By connecting requisite leadership skills with both employee engagement and customer loyalty, FutureWorld and CSA Inc. have partnered to create breakthrough success for organizations across industries, from financial services to aviation, from banking and healthcare to high-tech. The “Leader of the Future” workshop offers you cutting-edge thinking and training on what it takes to lead successfully in today’s global marketplace.

This hands-on two-day event, packed with insights, practical workshops and tools to enable leaders to engage effectively in the changing world, is aimed at top-level executives, mid- to senior managers and high-potential young leaders across all organizations.

This keynote is passionately presented by one of Futureworld’s Network of Futurists.