Homo Disruptis

Homo Disruptis

The world as you know it is rapidly changing: AI, Robotics, Drones, Blockchain, 3D printers, Self-Driving Cars, Unlimited energy, the list goes on and on. If on an almost daily basis, there is a sense that the world is moving faster, it’s because we are! Entire industries will be rocked to the core and some will be destroyed overnight, while others will be created.

But what about you – as an individual? Are you ready to change the way you lead, to drive the accelerating change in this Exponential World?

“Homo Disruptis” takes you on an inspiring journey into this uncertain future, to help you:

  • Rewire your brain to unlearn and relearn that whatever has made you successful won’t keep you successful

  • Reignite your heart where you put purpose before profit, to align your personal “why” and values to be more energized and inspired on a daily basis, as you bring your magic to the world

  • Redirect your hands to work in a more entrepreneurial, lean manner where you are doing multiple experiments to pivot and put the needs of your customer in the center of all you do

  • Refocus your voice to be nakedly transparent while finding a way to ‘Win With’ in this collaborative world

With the world changing, you can craft the most incredible strategies, build the best product and service, or hire the most talented staff, but in the end, what matters most is your ability to lead your company as an executive, in a bold new world where you – personally – need to change, to thrive and find opportunity in the midst of crisis! Are you up for the challenge?