Colliding Worlds

Colliding Worlds

Welcome to “science friction”!

That’s what happens when worlds collide – and that’s exactly what’s happening today, as exponential technologies drive new ideas, new business models, new processes and methodologies – and scary new competitors.

That’s why we have called our brand-new FutureWorld theme “Colliding Worlds – New Rules.”

It’s the collision of linear vs. exponential. Of the physical vs. virtual. Of people vs. machines.  Ownership vs. access. Limits vs. abundance, and so much more.

Join FutureWorld to explore the new rules of business in a landscape that is changing every day. Understand what creates friction in your business – and how to go Beyond Zero.

It’s a personal journey , and its tough. But it’s the reality of business tomorrow. You’ve already learnt today’s marketplace rules. To thrive in the radical future, you need to unlearn the old and then relearn the New Rules.

Colliding Worlds – New Rules can be delivered as a keynote, ideal for conferences or strategic sessions, or as the foundation of an in-depth, mind-shifting, interactive workshop inside your company.

This keynote is passionately presented by one of the Futureworld network of presenters.