Beyond Collaboration

Beyond Collaboration

Mankind has always worked together in one form or another. But new technologies and new social norms have made working together more pervasive, global and easier than ever before. For smart businesses, this signals dramatic new opportunities… but also opens up new challenges as work processes and methods revolutionize.

The new FutureWorld theme ‘Beyond Collaboration’ is an exciting journey, exploring creative opportunities and the new ways of working that lie ahead. It argues that the future can be better if we think and act in a way that takes us ‘Beyond Collaboration’. It illustrates the power potential in organizations and society when traditional ways of connecting are revisited – and then it challenges us to consider the connections and possibilities of ‘the internet of things’, when hundreds of millions of devices and machines join the conversation through collaborating sensors and smart networks.

Work and play will never be the same! Innovation and creativity will be redefined. The possibilities are boundless, if we allow the power ‘beyond collaboration’ to flower and deliver on its potential!

Already business audiences who have seen this theme have been moved:

“Added immense value!”

“Inspirational, innovative and refreshing”

“Exceptional intellectual and physical energy”

“Beyond Collaboration” can be delivered as a keynote for an executive or client event, or as an interactive workshop to explore your company’s individual challenges.

This keynote is passionately presented by one of Futureworld’s Network of Futurists.