2030 Revisited

2030 Revisited

2030 Revisited: Looking back from 10 years into the future.

Think of the amazing changes that have happened around us in just the last 10 years, from self-driving cars to robotics to alternative energies and new space probes! Who would have believed that in 2017, solar energy would become cheaper than fossil fuels? Or that the global financial system could be rebooted by a technology then unheard of, with the rather ordinary name of the Blockchain?

The only constant is that the pace of change is still accelerating. So, what will our world look like 10 years into the future?

This brand-new, provocative FutureWorld keynote anticipates the radical shifts in business, society and humanity that will shape the world of 2028, based on the writing on the wall visible today, that points the way to that future.

How will your industry be impacted? What challenges will you and your children face? FutureWorld will craft a series of scenarios relevant to your business, and with your executive team, unpack the lessons and tools that will help you understand the future, and design and create your Ideal Business of the Future.

“2030 Revisited” is a powerful thought-leader, designed to break the ‘business as usual’ mindset at strategic sessions or client events. It can also be used as the foundation for an extended, in-depth workshop to explore the future trends in your industry, and how you need to respond and prepare for an exponential future.

The keynote is passionately presented by one of FutureWorld’s globally-recognised facilitators.