With the goal to break the ‘business as usual’ mindset and to provide fresh insights unknown or unseen by your leadership teams, our powerful keynotes shape cutting-edge thinking.

Homo Disruptis
2030 Revisited
Thriving inside the Perfect Storm
Colliding Worlds
Technology Megatrends from the Future
Naked Leadership
X Marks the Future
Quantum Future of the Corporation
Beyond Collaboration
Firms of Endearment
Quantum Relationships
Lessons from the Future
Leader of the Future
Radical Innovation
Thriving on Turbulence
The Future is Never Urgent
GR8 Expectations (Go Beyond)
Shift happens
Life 2.0

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All keynotes are continuously updated and can be delivered in a variety of formats – from one-hour keynote presentations, to full workshops. Each one is unique, and adapted for you and your context.

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