Futurists in Residence

Leap ahead of your competition and stay ahead

With a global network of leading futurists and industry shapers at your disposal, have continual access to expertise on the forces shaping the future and their ongoing impact on your business.

Context you'll gain through Futurists in Residence

Disruptive technology

Venture investments

How shareholders view your business

Disruptive market forces

What your competitors are doing

Changing customer and supplier needs

New intellectual property being created

What potential realities exist for the future of business, and more specifically, your organisation

Gain foresight and market intelligence to make sure you don't miss major opportunities

What the Futurists in Residence program delivers

Gain foresight and market intelligence to identify major opportunities

  • Assessment of market forces, competitors and cross-industry trends impacting your business (we call these the 'triggers')

  • Shareholder value analytics with local and global peer comparisons

  • Dedicated intelligence newsfeed with the latest updates, curated content based on pre-defined triggers (customised for your business)

  • Reports with synthesis of key trends

  • Unlimited subscription to Mindbullets

  • Strategic conversation/workshop to challenge the leadership team on exponential growth possibilities, and the development of an innovation roadmap in the context of the growth ambition of the business

  • Client-focused events to reinforce your business’ position as an innovative market leader, where radical solutions to business challenges are identified

  • Leadership strategic conversation to assess, prioritise and allocate accountability for the implementation of key opportunities


Futurists in Residence

Leap ahead of your competition and stay ahead