Welcome to dysturbia

The evolution of society from villages, towns and cities to cities, suburbs and slums was well underway when two powerful forces shaping the future clashed head-on – rampant tech innovation and the impending climate crisis. Only a spark was needed to ignite the revolution.

Antarctica gives up the gas

Natural gas has long been touted as the obvious successor to coal and oil in the global energy mix. It’s simply cleaner and easier to transform into the most convenient fuels. Even jet fuel is made primarily from gas these days. And the fracking revolution has made gas abundant, everywhere. On the other hand, environmentalists […]

Say goodbye to Black Friday

The last five years have seen a steady decline in those annual super sales like Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Even extending them to a full week or the entire month of November hasn’t resuscitated consumers’ flagging interest in so-called mega deals of the year. Online and offline retailers alike are perplexed. After […]

Nothing is lighter than air

First discovered by Chinese scientists in 2013, graphene aerogel was considered the lightest material in existence, less dense than air itself, or helium for that matter. Also called aerographene, it’s made of carbon nanotubes bonded together in a super-porous structure, like a sponge. Technically a solid, it acts more like a 3D gas; you can […]

New hope for fusion energy

After almost a century of research and experimentation, we are on the cusp of finally harnessing the power of nuclear fusion to energize our cities. The old wisecrack, that “nuclear fusion is only a decade away, and always will be,” no longer holds true. Fusion occurs when two atoms fuse together to create a new, […]

Making it in space

We’ve gotten used to astronauts from all sorts of countries heading into orbit and visiting one of the several space stations there. And we’re also hardly excited when yet another multi-millionaire and their friends launch on a sub-orbital flip, or ride SpaceX around the planet. But there’s another industry that’s booming in space. It’s Zero-G […]

Pharma meets Farmer

Farmers and ‘Pharmas’ are the unsung heroes of bringing the Covid-19 pandemic to its knees in developed and developing economies. Enabled by the most prolific marketing campaign the world has ever seen, the phrase ‘eat your greens’ has taken on a new meaning. For decades, ‘Big Pharma’ has successfully scaled vaccines and antibodies to fight […]

The World’s First Trillionaire

Forty years ago, science fiction author Ben Bova surmised that the world’s first trillionaire would be born on the back of commercial space operations, and he wasn’t wrong. According to Forbes, Elon Musk’s personal fortune has quadrupled in a decade and now stands at just over a trillion dollars, making him not only the world’s […]

E-cars stay in the slow lane

Yes, I know. When Tesla stock shot up six years ago, making Elon Musk the world’s richest person, we all thought the market was prescient, and that the age of cyber trucking had finally arrived. Electric cars were going to be the next big thing, and soon! Well, it turns out that the stock market […]

China’s perfect storm

Looking back over a generation, we’ve witnessed the rise and rise of China, and its subsequent collapse. For four decades, China was seemingly unstoppable, adopting urbanization and market principles and tech innovation. Almost a billion people were hauled out of poverty in rural villages and inserted into the industrial economy of China’s teeming cities. At […]