Supercharge Tomorrow:

Beyond Sustainability and Climate Change

The world has never seemed as confusing as today. Join Futureworld and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a powerful strategic insight program to help you harness the forces shaping the future to supercharge your net zero carbon Business of Tomorrow. 

September 2021

February 2022

Outcomes that deliver real value:

A documented blueprint for your net zero carbon Business of Tomorrow, shaped by exposure to world-class subject matter experts​

Big Ideas that will help you to Identify high-impact, bold opportunities to achieve net zero carbon​

Identification of short-term ‘low-hanging fruit’ opportunities

Your leadership team aligned and motivated to create your net zero carbon Business of Tomorrow​

What you can expect

5-week remote program (one day per week)

World-class thought leaders to explore your future and give insight on forces shaping your future

Facilitate provocative and challenging “So what?” sessions to unpack the relevance for your business

Lab day with AWS, gaining exposure to future-shaping technologies

High impact process to design your business of the future

Who should attend: your leadership team

This program is for your leadership team of up to 10 executive leaders that are ready to drive your business to new heights

Your investment




Per organization


​Discounted pricing for groups with multiple participating leadership teams from an organization


Write a press release for a game-changing new net zero carbon opportunity relating to your company in 2030

Day 1

Setting the Scene

An introduction to the program to set a global context on social and human impacts of Climate change; business imperatives: Beyond “feel good” and Economic implications of climate change.​

Day 2

Circular Economy

Understanding the principles of who has implemented the circular economy, as well as the  implications of Climate Change. With you, through challenging, interactive keynotes and workshops, we discover how this will shape tomorrow’s business.

Create a prototype of implementing circular economy principles in your business

Day 3

The Power of Biomimicry

What are the principles of Biomimicry?​ Understanding the power of natural Capital and the Amazon sustainability challenge. Workshop powerful outcomes relevant to your business. ​

Where could you apply biomimicry principles in your business.

Day 4


Decarbonisation: the competitive advantage or table stakes?​ AWS Digital Revolution Lab Simulation​.

Teams to identify the big ideas from the process – net zero carbon opportunities​

Day 5

Strategy Convergence 

Teams will consolidate the ideas and insights that have emerged into a clear strategic direction and design their ideal net zero carbon business of 2030. This should include identifying 4–8 high impact initiatives to achieve this goal.​

Next Steps
Implement initiatives, create Business of Tomorrow, prototype, test with customers, iterate, MVP and scale


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