What our clients say

"Neil made it difficult for the speakers who followed to seem interesting!"
Dave Coates, SKF Group

"We were amazed by your presentation - it was very very good! We now realise that scenario thinking is not a choice, it is a MUST!"
Feedback from delegates to the SAÏD Business School Programme for the Deloitte M&A EMEA team, Athens, October 2008

"Just one project we're developing will pay for the entire process for the next five years."
Bernard Swanepoel - CEO, Harmony

What we do - Strategic Execution

Innovation has become the business norm of the 21st Century. Companies looking to differentiate themselves and achieve Quantum-Growth targets, know that managing evolutionary innovation to sustain and expand the core business is not enough: they need to look for breakthrough opportunities to generate revenues and profits from currently non-existent sources. They need to innovate into 'white space' where there are no competitors.

Strategic Execution has evolved into a process of continuous discovery and delivery, versus developing a plan one point at a time. Many organizations are totally focused on achieving the revenue and profit targets associated with the "Business of Today". Very few companies have the management and leadership skills to make the step-changes required to address their "Business of Tomorrow", not to mention the "Day After Tomorrow". They may not have the risk profile to ride the future business tsunamis, to make radical innovation part of their business DNA.

To take ideas and opportunities 'out of the box straight to the bottom line' – to create fast path to business results, takes a powerful process, one that does not exist in many organizations.

Innovation can no longer be left to chance. To achieve profitable growth, companies need to have a disciplined and repeatable formula to rapidly convert insights and ideas into tangible value.

Together with our global business network, we have developed a methodology for strategic innovation that has been adopted by some of the world's leading organizations.

Our approach, shown in steps 5 to 8 in the diagram below, represents global best practice and a proven pragmatic approach to delivering on the promise of innovation. It builds the Business of Tomorrow by shaping disruptive opportunities and creating fundamentally new businesses, while creating radical new opportunities of profit and productivity improvements in the Business of Today.

5. New Business & Project Development

Innovation in practice is the ability to create robust business cases upon which concrete investment decisions can be made.

Our highly skilled practitioners make sure ideas are identified and prioritized for the development of value propositions and business cases for investment and commercialization.

6. Funding & Implementation

Critical to this activity is our practical experience with scores of clients world-wide, the creation of innovative funding and management support for new opportunities.

7. Commercialization

What is critical to the success of any venture is a clear process for commercialization, and facilitated collaboration with experienced entrepreneurs and leading organizations to launch new businesses. You will be able to:

  • Effectively establish robust positioning, maximize opportunities and fast-path to business results.
  • Align systems and operating frameworks to incubate the opportunity.
  • Develop skills and resources to support the Business of Today and Tomorrow.

8. Strategic Finance & Portfolio Management

We approach Strategic Finance within the context of its impact on capital markets. Our list of accomplishments begins with our pioneering role of merging FutureWorld's unique holistic approach to Strategic Thinking, with a fresh approach to Strategic Finance.

Our strategic solutions are underpinned by deep knowledge and experience in many industries. In this domain our role is to advise on finance and risk and to create tangible and measurable long-term value. We use financial engineering to reduce risk and free equity for new value-adding investments.

Our approach to Strategic Portfolio Management addresses challenges in each phase of the innovation lifecycle from invention to product end-of-life. Our integrated set of service offerings addresses a breadth of product development capabilities including innovation strategy, process excellence, design collaboration, intellectual property management and R&D tax management.

At a later point in each new business life cycle an 'integrate, separate or exit' decision will have to be made. Quantum growth may involve a merger or acquisition.

The best mergers or acquisitions follow a structured and disciplined approach, with clear strategic objectives, detailed implementation plans and a focus on creating and capturing value. All of this needs to be done with a clear design of the chosen future state of the business.

Our practitioners have broad and varied experience in multiple types of transactions including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures and alliances. Our role is in helping executives to capitalize on the resonance between transactions and strategy and to capture unexpected synergies.

Through our global network, we offer complete M&A solutions, from due diligence services to consolidating functions and managing the merger integration.

Supply Chain Innovation

Effective supply chains improve profitability and efficiency. Improving performance across the entire supply chain requires continuous innovation and constant attention. To enable lean and efficient supply chain systems which deliver constant value, we have an advanced range of services for our clients, including process design, technology selection, organizational design and KPI measurement and tracking.

Redefining the Supply Chain can be a cutting-edge activity leading to radical improvements. Our network of practitioners are skilled at analysing, strategising and implementing innovative solutions in many industries such as mining, petrochemicals, pulp and paper, and engineering.

In South Africa, FutureWorld is successfully supporting some of the leading sponsors for the 2006 Soccer World Cup and is gearing up customized solutions for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Radical Continuous Improvement

Exceeding market expectations and consistently enhancing performance requires a distinct focus on innovation, both in the 'Business of Tomorrow' and the 'Business of Today'. In fact, we have found that in many cases the entire investment in the 'Business of Tomorrow' can be funded by a radical focus on the 'Business of Today'. We call this 'Radical Continuous Improvement'.

We use our unique Innovation abilities with industry value analysis to enable step-wise performance improvements and to develop the supporting infrastructure to sustain improvement.

The entire process can be enabled and supported by the innovationzoneTM – our proprietary ideation and innovation workflow tool for large multinational organizations.

Our sophisticated value modeling ensures focused attention supported by operational and financial insights on key value enablers.

Together, Phase 0, 1, 2 and 3 represent the entire FutureWorld process leading from Strategic Thinking, through Strategic Action to Strategic Execution – a unique integrated approach – to take your business 'out of the box, straight to the bottom line'!