What our clients say

"Our business was ready for this very necessary mindset change; and FutureWorld has done a tremendous job of helping us."
Ian Cockerill, then-CEO of Gold Fields

"Just one project we're developing will pay for the entire process for the next five years."
Bernard Swanepoel - CEO, Harmony

"Without this process, Deloitte's own revenues would be R260m less."
Vassi Naidoo (2005) - Former CEO, Deloitte SA

What we do - Strategic Action

Anticipated future growth and sustainable profitability is the single biggest contributor to shareholder value. Analysis of the top quartile performing companies over the last ten years shows that 72% of Total Shareholder Returns were driven through consistently investing in growth opportunities.

Winning companies have increased this 'Innovation Premium' by

  • Changing customer expectations
  • Changing the competitive landscape
  • Changing entire industry economics

Growth and innovation needs to be managed like any other process within the organization, with targets, funding, resource and accountability. Not only do you need to radically optimize the Business of Today, but at the same time you need to build a new platform for your Business of Tomorrow – those new ventures that will occupy the 'white space' of your thinking – to lead your industry, and the entire marketplace, in the future.

Market leaders know that those market forces that threaten their existing cash-cows, are the very same forces that will create massive opportunities for new nimble players. Entrepreneurs will see only opportunities where many market leaders will see only undefined dangers.

The Growth & Innovation Mandate

This is a two to three-month project to get executive agreement to strategic growth targets – the 'Quantum Growth' that the organization believes it can achieve over and above the 'Going Rate'.

The outputs will include

  • investment criteria, funding approach and metrics for success, hurdle rates and opportunity sizes, revenue and profit targets for the Business of Tomorrow and the Business of Today.
  • Resourcing and delivery requirements for Phase 2 and 3, including Ideation, market insight and project development objectives, processes and resource requirements plus Innovation reward and recognition programme requirements
  • Identified quick win and 'low hanging fruit' business opportunities
  • An assessment of existing innovation initiatives, innovation culture and current enablement infrastructures – including existing opportunities, people, processes & technology
  • Understand potential obstacles and strategic fences
  • A business case for Growth and Innovation

We also call this 'Phase 1' – the first of a three-step process leading from Strategic Action to Strategic Execution.

Building the Growth & Innovation Platform

To continuously harvest significant opportunities, a separate process is required to shield innovations from "Corporate Antibodies" seeking their demise too early and for all the wrong reasons.

Our approach represents global best practice and a proven pragmatic approach to delivering on the promise of innovation. It builds the Business of Tomorrow by shaping disruptive opportunities and creating fundamentally new businesses, while creating radical new opportunities of profit and productivity improvements in the Business of Today.

1. Innovation Leadership Culture

Constant innovation is a hallmark of successful growth companies—staying ahead of the competition requires inventiveness at the individual, group, and company levels. To sustain competitive advantage, companies must institutionalize their innovation process by creating an environment in which creative thinking is central to their values, assumptions, and actions.

To bridge the "Growth Gap", FutureWorld provides the focus, discipline, infrastructure and people to turn growth opportunities into new sources of revenue. FutureWorld can assist senior management throughout the process of fostering an innovative culture. We provide expert and independent advice that is practical, proactive, and designed to help stakeholders achieve their objectives in as efficient and effective a manner as possible.

2. Ideation and Idea Management

By implementing a sound idea management process, supported by a robust and globally proven technology enabler, you will maximize returns, work smarter, safeguard scarce resources, enhance staff satisfaction, and get to market faster - and with better ideas - than your competitors.

Our tool-set for the management of ideas is called the innovationzoneTM, which is a secure, web based idea management platform that brings simplicity, structure and discipline to managing an organization's entire innovation and growth process. It is a proven tool being successfully utilized by our clients world-wide as a platform for the innovation and growth process.

Click here to learn more about the innovationzoneTM.

3. Intellectual Asset Management

Investors recognize and will pay for intangibles such that the estimated value of unexploited technology assets ranges from hundreds of billions to over $1 trillion in the USA and may be three times as large worldwide.

Our dedicated Intellectual Asset Management team uses unique tools and process in order to allow you to:

  • Find new opportunities and build business of tomorrow;
  • Build/protect business of today (freedom of agency to operate);
  • Identify disruptive threats;
  • License intellectual property to competitors to grow market share;

4. Market Insight Network

The role of Market Insight is to actively track market trends and intelligence. Its purpose is to identify specific new business opportunities or themes for further exploration and potential development through the Ideation and Project Development processes.

Market Insight consists of Market Insight Operations, Market Insight/Ideation Panel and a Market Insight Network.

And so to Strategic Execution.