What our clients say

"An excellent presentation and a completely new way of thinking about the world. You provided vision and encouraged us to leave our comfort zones."
Feedback from delegates to the SAÏD Business School Programme for the Deloitte M&A EMEA team, Athens, October 2008

"Thank you for your inspiring facilitation at the workshop. It was great to stretch the imagination and focus on the positive for a few days."
Peter Muir, Denel Dynamics

"Just one project we're developing will pay for the entire process for the next five years."
Bernard Swanepoel - CEO, Harmony

What we do - Strategic Thinking

FutureWorld is a global network of business practitioners. We help organizations understand their future business context, choose their ideal future and fast-track its creation. Through our powerful insights and unique communications we help clients create new businesses and step-change operational transformation - out of the box, straight to the bottom line.

Your future is increasingly determined by the quality of your thinking today!

Are you ready to join us on this journey? If not now, when?

Strategic Thinking & Strategic Action TM
A process for choosing your future

We call this Strategic Thinking & Strategic Action process 'Phase 0', the start of the overall process leading from Strategic Thinking to Strategic Execution. It is typically an on-going process in an organization in which the executive team spends up to 10% of their time understanding the future.

Strategy is not what you do in the future, but what you do today to choose your future.

Strategic Thinking and Strategic ActionTM is a facilitated and tailored in-company programme for the top executive team, that may cover three to twelve months.

This is a proven, powerful and inspirational way to build a step-change strategy that fully incorporates all of the characteristics of the future business context – rather than being an extrapolation of current and past experience.

FutureWorld links a team of world-best practitioners, drawn from our large network of gurus, clients and academic leaders to create a series of powerful briefings on the future of business, technology, consumers, media and the world in which we will have to compete – creating powerful 'action scenarios' that prompt questions and debates about future choices.

This culminates in a three-day 'Indaba' that converges around developing the chosen future state, describing its characteristics and asking "What did we do back then to get here today?"


  • To create a culture of 'learning from the future' amongst the strategic leadership team and an understanding of the context within which strategic decisions about the future need to be made.
  • It's an on-going process of 'learning from the future' – not a once-off strategic thinking exercise. The briefings are led and facilitated by FutureWorld's network of gurus – proven practitioners in their field.
  • This is not about 'the theory of the future' – in our view, strategy is about what you can do today to choose your future. With understanding, you can design and create your future.

Key deliverables:

  • Shared view of the 'chosen future' for the organization, plus identification of the key strategic actions.
  • An aligned leadership team with a shared ‘memory of the future’ – a team that is committed to breakthrough innovation and perfect execution.
  • A common understanding of the organization's 'Business of the Future' and a context for kick-starting the implementation and execution process.

Keynote presentations
Powerful audio-visual explorations of the future

FutureWorld is renowned for its powerful keynote presentations and workshops to help our clients learn from the future; - they are uniquely visual communications targeted at the world's top executives.

FutureWorld's network observes trends that are shaping business, industries and markets (such as globalization, new management thinking, new work styles and emerging technologies) – in this sense we are business anthropologists.

From these trends, we synthesize key business messages from the flood of new phenomena occurring around the world. We create powerful communication vehicles for business executives to create the context for continued relevance in future markets. We help our clients truly understand the future.

All of our themes can be delivered in a variety of formats, from one hour keynote presentations, through half-day seminars, or one-to-three-day workshops. We continually update and revise each theme, thanks to the efforts of individual Gurus who work with clients to understand their specific context. Every product and service we deliver is unique, adapted to a lesser or greater degree for each context.

Our gurus are available for all forms of engagements, including business breakfasts, launches, client briefings, conferences, business school lectures, etc.

All of our Gurus are business leaders and world class speakers. We are passionate about providing our clients with the highest levels of professional, multimedia-driven communications, tailored to meet their specific requirements – and to provide insights and advice they didn't expect!

FuturesForum LIVE!
Get a regular update on what the world’s leading minds are thinking

FuturesForum LIVE!

FuturesForum LIVE! is a customized package of FutureWorld keynotes and/or workshops with themes selected by the client.

Under the FuturesForum LIVE! banner, these inputs are delivered within the context of a corporate subscription - an on-going programme that delivers new thinking about the future operating context for business, in multiple locations of your choice, at intervals you select. New themes are released at regular intervals, and FuturesForum LIVE! Corporate Members have first-choice access to these, plus full access to the FutureWorld knowledge base, and a corporate subscription to MindBullets.

Each Corporate Membership is tailored to specific client requirements.

MindBullets: News from the Future™


Our FREE weekly email newsflashes from the future are a tool to help our clients learn from the future, and stay in touch with the latest trends and thinking in the FutureWorld network.

You can subscribe for FREE – just click here. In addition to the weekly MindBullets, this gives you direct access to the historic data base of MindBullets: News from the Future™ – an ideal research tool for anyone involved in strategic thinking and decision-making, or just for fun!

We also offer a special package to companies to brand MindBullets with their logo, to be sent to key clients and stakeholders. To contact FutureWorld, click here.

The above offerings create an aspiration and context for future quantum growth. To build the Business of Tomorrow while optimizing the Business of Today.

The next logical step is to turn Strategic Thinking into Strategic Action and Strategic Execution – to deliver on the promise of innovation & quantum growth.

We call these next steps Phase 1 to 3. Click here to follow a typical process.