We research trends that are shaping business, industries and markets; trends such as globalization, new management thinking, new work styles and emerging technologies. We synthesize key business messages from the flood of new phenomena occurring around the world. We create powerful communication vehicles for business executives to encourage and promote radical business and personal change.

We offer each of our keynotes in a variety of formats, from one hour presentations, through four hour seminars, to one- and even two-day workshops. These are offered both publicly and personalized for individual companies.

We continually update and revise each keynote to take into account the latest events and research in every area. Therefore, every presentation is unique, adapted to a lesser or greater degree for each context. New keynotes are released every six months.

Keynote Presentations and Workshops

All of our Gurus are business leaders and world class speakers, who constantly work to perfect their craft. We are passionate about providing our clients with the highest levels of professional, multimedia-driven communications , tailored to meet their specific requirements.

All of our keynotes are available in formats of varying duration and level of interaction, from one hour keynote addresses to two day workshops, according to your needs.

Although we know our presentations are inspiring, we are not motivational speakers. Our goal is radical business and personal change. Even in keynote presentations, where there is often minimal interactivity between speaker and audience, or where the interaction is often once off, this level of change remains our goal. We aim to achieve this through pioneering thought leadership and by creating the right environments for real paradigm shifts to occur.

We are available for all forms of engagements, including business breakfasts, client briefings, conferences, Business Schools and any other opportunities. We will work with our clients to tailor the message to link in with your context.

To book any of our dynamic presenters, please contact FutureWorld International and let us match our Network of Gurus to your needs.