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Neil Jacobsohn
Anton Musgrave
Doug Vining
Wolfgang Grulke
Louis Geeringh
Sam Simons
Kerushan Govender
Mark Powell
Michael Vincent

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What our clients say

"Just want to say a big thank you for the presentation Thriving on Turbulence you gave at Wits Business School. I attend many presentations at WBS and I want to say that your presentation tonight was the best I have yet seen. Very thought-provoking, stimulating and enlightening. Mind boggling, actually."
Grahame Hall

"Thriving on Turbulence was the best presentation I've seen. I loved it!"
Adrian Steed, Communications Consultant

"Anton - thanks for coming to speak to us in such an inspiring and engaging way. Thriving on Turbulence really made us sit up and think about the future of our business, particular in relation to our next generation of clients."
Kate Turner, head of Private Banking, Coutts & Co, London

"Your session to our group of CEOs was certainly gave them much to think about! Many thanks again."
Jean Mullen, Programme Manager - Leadership 4 Growth, Enterprise Ireland

"I would just like to thank you most sincerely for the outstanding presentation yesterday. The feedback from the group was very positive and I think it helped many of the groups gain a new perspective on their Action Learning Projects."
Conrad Viedge WITS Business School

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Thriving on Turbulence

The future's so bright, you've got to wear shades!

This may seem a strange thought in these turbulent times: Are you sure you want the world to be more predictable?

We believe that uncertainty is that moment of perfect (business) freedom. The cycle will turn positive – and Black Swans wait for no one.
You must be ready for the upturn and its radical new opportunities, before your future competitors are.

Now is the perfect time to think and act radically, and to build new optimism into the executive & management team. To think about the new paradigms the future will demand and what it will take to succeed in 'the real world' future.

The basic choice facing the executive team is this:
Will you manage your way out of 'The Current Mess' or choose to lead the way up the next wave?

"We're not going to tell you where this is going to end – we're going to tell you where your future is going to begin!"

Thriving on Turbulence, is on TV! Click here to view the episodes from the Summit TV series.

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Thriving on Turbulence Videos:

Summit Television and Deloitte have created a series of broadcasts based on FutureWorld's Thriving on Turbulence theme. Click on one of the videos below to view them. You will need the latest Adobe Flash plug-in for your browser. If you don't have it, then you can get it for free here.

Programme 1: Thriving on Turbulence: Strategic Planning in a downturn (with Wolfgang Grulke, Louis Geeringh and Michael Jordaan) (35 189kb)

Programme 2: Thriving on Turbulence: The people factor (with Wolfgang Grulke, Louis Geeringh and Michael Jordaan) (36 325kb)

Programme 3: Thriving on Turbulence: Managing in tough times (with Neil Jacobsohn, Jed McCall and Rodney James) (31 417kb)

Programme 4: Thriving on Turbulence: Innovating in a downturn (with Neil Jacobsohn of FutureWorld, Thomas Jankovich of Deloitte and Rodney James, CEO of 1-Time Airline) (15 683kb)

Programme 5: Thriving on Turbulence: Service Excellence: Managing the customer in tough times (with Brand Pretorius, CEO of McCarthys, Louis Geeringh of Deloitte and Thomas Jankovich of FutureWorld) (16 614kb)

Programme 6: Thriving on Turbulence: The role of leadership in a downturn (with Brand Pretorius, CEO of McCarthys. Louis Geeringh of Deloitte and Thomas Jankovich of FutureWorld) (17 195kb)

Programme 7: Thriving on Turbulence: Product Innovation - how to manage products in a downturn (with Jeremy Sampson, Executive Chairman of Interbrand Sampson, Mike Vincent from Deloitte, and Thomas Jankovich from FutureWorld) (15 420kb)

Programme 8: Thriving on Turbulence: Case study: How Barrows Design and Manufacturing reinvented themselves - and thrived (with Lucien d'Avice of Barrows, Louis Geeringh of Deloitte and Anton Musgrave of FutureWorld) (15 262kb)

Programme 9: Thriving on Turbulence: How to recession-proof your business (with Lucien d'Avice of Barrows Design & Manufacturing, Louis Geeringh of Deloitte and Anton Musgrave of FutureWorld) (15 248kb)

Programme 10: Thriving on Turbulence: Winning back investor confidence (with Brian Bruce, CEO of Murray & Roberts, Neil Jacobsohn, Joint CEO of FutureWorld and Thomas Jankovich of Deloitte Consulting and FutureWorld) (15 075kb)

Programme 11: Thriving on Turbulence: Looking beyond SA's borders: business in Africa (with Brian Bruce, CEO of Murray & Roberts, Neil Jacobsohn, Joint CEO of FutureWorld and Mike Vincent of Deloitte Consulting and FutureWorld) (14 612kb)

Programme 12 (final): Thriving on Turbulence: Highlights of previous episodes and summary of "The Big Ideas" (with Neil Jacobsohn, Joint CEO of FutureWorld and Louis Geeringh, CEO of Deloitte Consulting) (14 181kb)

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