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What our clients say

"Thank you for a powerful, informative presentation; few capture audiences as your presentation did. Your input on the global economy was riveting."
Carla Fortunato-Olivier, Protea Chemicals

"Your presentation was a perfect close to a near perfect conference. I could not have been happier about the content or your lively and engaging presentation."
Anthony Turner, CEO Europe, Publicitas Promotion Network

"I want to formally thank you for delivering an insightful and thought provoking presentation at our Strategic Planning session. You have given us much to think about in terms of adapting to meet the future needs of our market."
Ravi Moodley: Head of Strategy Nedbank Corporate Banking

"Brilliant stuff. Very thought provoking and truly forward looking. Implications are more far-reaching than I thought and have made me question the sustainability of my business."
London Business School, Senior Executive Programme, February 2009

"An excellent presentation on what the future could be for us, and a relevant insight for us to define our critical 'Must Win Battles'"
Olivier Desponds, Head, Nestle Nutrition Africa

Recommended Books

The Future of Markets & Brands

Brave New World or Bar-room Brawl?

The ongoing digital revolution is remaking our entire world. Social networks, blogs and new consumer choices are re-shaping technology, business models, advertising, marketing, branding - and consumers themselves. The very future of markets and brands is being re-defined in every business sector.

But the reality is much like a bar-room brawl – very messy! On one hand, we're in the golden age of information! Never before has there been a higher level of communication and interaction. Never before have more people been connected, more information shared, a greater level of transparency.

On the other, the traditional industries are in meltdown as digital disrupters rewrite the rules, threaten massive companies and trample long-established business models. Could this happen to your industry? Newsflash: it already is!

As the Net Generation becomes more powerful and pervasive, you require a new understanding of what it takes to design your business from the outside in…around the whims of ever-changing markets. It will require new pro-active leadership in technology, marketing and branding – in the process shaping totally new industries. What lessons can be learned? Who will be the winners - and losers?

The Future of Markets and Brands draws out new insights that point to a new and very different market-space for all businesses. These are new Business Lessons from the Future.

This module is passionately presented by one of FutureWorld's Network of Gurus.
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