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Ten Lessons from the Future

by Wolfgang Grulke with Gus Silber

Some of readers' reviews!

The 'Ten Lessons from the Future' is a wonderfully imaginative book which I read cover to cover on my last trip to Amsterdam. I took the book instantly to my heart and it left me so excited I could not sit still toward the end of the return flight. As a designer of Architectural and Urban Design projects the basic thesis of '... with Understanding, you can Design and Create your future' is second nature to us at JERDE, but the way it is presented in this book and in the 10 lessons is very inspiring and especially thought provoking. I am personally especially tuned into 'It's not what you know any more. It's what you do with what you know that really makes the difference'. This is so obvious as we work in so many developing countries internationally...everybody now has the access all the knowledge at the touch of a finger and they are definitely are using that knowledge to evolve harder and harder and faster and faster. extremely exciting time to live and with this book and the conference it will even be more exciting. 
 David E. Rogers, AIA - Senior Vice President, Design Director, Partner

A practical and inspirational guide to the Future. A superb combination of practically and vision. It is a great read, precise and thought provoking. It makes you really want to jump out of your seat and participate in the creation of the future. I have read this book twice. I highly recommend it to those who do not want someone else eating their cheese. 
 Radames Soto, Wall Street Journal, New York

The best book of 2000 - I learnt so much. 
 Geraldine Greene - CEO

Ten Lessons from the Future is truly captivating. The thinking is original and frame-breaking. I don't often use superlatives but they are deserved here. I urge you to look seriously at this book - and soon. 
 John M Stopford, Professor of International Business, London Business School

Success in the future demands spending time there…NOW! Grulke creates this time warp…giving us a unique glimpse of our future lives, what we make of it is up to us! 
 Anton Musgrave, CEO, Citadel Portfolio Management

Wolfgang was accurately forecasting the new world way before it was the new world. His predictions were perceived as outrageous 7 years ago have now been completely vindicated. This book is a must in order to understand where your business and your life life is going - and faster than you think. 
 David Frankel, Executive Director, Dimension Data

Wolfgang, provocative and entertaining as ever, teaches us that change is to be embraced with excitement rather than fear. 
 Neil Jacobsohn, CEO, I-Net Bridge

The biggest enemies of success are ignorance and complacency. Ten Lessons from the Future is the laser beam you need against those enemies! 
 Louis Fourie, Chairman, Citadel Investment Services

This book and our long association with Wolfgang has taught us that change is that moment of freedom when anything is possible. 
 Aletha Ling, CEO CCH Holdings

Ten Lessons from the Future is a first aid pack for today and will help make sure your business won't be a victim in future! Don't say nobody told you! 
 Allan James, Chairman, Gull Foods

The future is not an extension of the past. For anyone who wants to capitalize on tomorrow, this book is compulsory reading! 
 Brand Pretorius, Chief Executive, McCarthy Retail

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