Timothy Vieyra a thought provoking dystopian scenario!

this certainly highlights the potentially fatal social flaw in capitalism. Left to its own devices, it will boil our entire existence down to a net value. If Adam Smith is to be believed, then the individual optimisation of this net value should mean the greatest public benefit. But not without social bounds. Inequality is the cancer of capitalism, and if not dealt with would mean its downfall. Interestingly enough, inequality in healthcare today brings about very similar outcomes to those highlighted in this scenario. de Toqueville's observation of American capitalism in the 19th century is apt:

American moralists do not hold that a man should sacrifice himself for his fellow man because it is a great thing to do; they boldly assert, rather, that such sacrifices are as necessary to the man who makes them as to the man who profits from them. ... They do not deny, therefore, that each man may pursue his own self-interest, but they do their utmost to prove that it is in every man's interest to behave honorably.
Posted: 23 November 2016 at 22:13
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