George Battye Smart system bias

Of course humans seem to have built-in biases that are written into our DNA (I think there is something like 17 well-known cognitive biases that everyone falls victim to, like Confirmation Bias, Sunk-Cost, etc). But there is good evidence that the vast majority of our biases are learned: e.g. taxi drivers can't drive. This makes us incredibly slow to adapt and accept that reality has changed, and causes long-lasting behavioral and judgement issues. The assumption that AI, with its "pure" analytics, will move us to an unbiased world run by idealism is puzzling. AI's are only as good as the training data that they receive, and as reality shifts that inculcated resistance to change will begin to seem a lot like strong bias. If we trust the AI's implicitly, this will lead to societal stagnation as it becomes harder and harder to operate outside the AI's increasingly conservative optimization of our infrastructure and daily operations. The natural world guards against this by built-in obsolescence ("science progresses one funeral at a time", as it is said). With AI we could always go the same way - always be training naïve systems to replace existing ones every few years - although a more fun way could be to introduce a new class of employment: AI Psychologists.
Posted: 21 April 2016 at 08:36

Doug Vining Don't look now, but everybody is watching

Privacy is dead. Even if you're not aware of it, somebody or some system somewhere is watching or tracking you. That may not be true in darkest Africa, unless you are a person of interest to the drone operators, but in major cities like London and Beijing, it's certainly true. An increasingly it's Big AI that's watching you.

So who is watching the watcher watchers? I guess we all are!
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Posted: 30 January 2018 at 07:27

Doug Vining Solar powered surveillance

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Posted: 20 February 2019 at 16:49
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