Stephen Malekian Why Bother to think...

In many respects I agree with your comment about how dependent we've become on our smart phones...but because it does all the things you mentioned above, doesn't that free us up to do more productive things? Why leave early for an appointment to endeavor to hail a cab on the streets of NYC when I can walk out their door and feel fairly assured that my UBER car is there. There is a danger that these phones make you lazy but it also eliminates menial tasks that once took time, effort and energy better used elsewhere. We don't teach cursive writing anymore in schools (can't remember the last time I needed a pen) and don't really need to spend time memorizing multiplication tables. I would not substitute dependency for convenience. We're not dumber if we know where to look for information more efficiently. And besides, the genie is out of this bottle. We should never substitute data for knowledge...if there was ever a risk, that's it.
Posted: 4 September 2015 at 16:04

Mark R Muir The art of common sense

This is a really fine balance to strike, and a scary thing to tackle in our immediate future. We should embrace technology for making our lives easier and more enjoyable, but be wary of it eroding the 'art' of intuition and our ability to make common sense decisions. It's not uncommon to be staring at the Uber app to see the car is a minute away... and miss the free black cab driving past (or maybe cabs are just easier to get in London than NYC!)
Posted: 5 February 2016 at 20:23
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