Doug Vining Political polemics

Steve Malekian from the UK wrote:

"News from the future shouldn't include political polemics like the one below. You should save that sort of thing and discuss it with anyone who cares what your opinion is. It doesn't belong in FutureWorld. I'll be unsubscribing from any future emails."
Posted: 13 October 2015 at 07:59

Doug Vining Political polemics

Our response:

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your response. MindBullets are scenarios of alternate futures, and not opinions or positions advocated by the editors. MindBullets include a broad range of potential technological, organisational, economic, political and societal futures. Our clients use them to test their strategic thinking and to ask “What if…” questions about alternate future realities.

These are not opinions but scenarios to help encourage thinking about all possible futures - however likely or unlikely. We understand that you may not agree with some of the potential futures we present – but it is exactly that kind of debate that we encourage. In fact, the contributors to MindBullets often disagree on the likelihood of some of the scenarios we present.

We’re sorry you choose not to be a part of it anymore.
Posted: 13 October 2015 at 08:02

Doug Vining Drone restrictions

Trust the Feds to quickly cotton on to the fact that drones need to be restricted and controlled. Seems like any new technology that delivers power to the individual gets jumped on by the authorities. I wonder why? Luckily you don't need a license for a smartphone. Oh wait, those are monitored in any case!
A FuturesForum post (titled: "Drone restrictions") refers to this MindBullet. The full FuturesForum post can be read here:
Posted: 17 October 2015 at 07:34

Frans Bosch Further to "Political polemics"

Your prediction about the banning of personal gun ownership is downright scary. I appreciate that this is a scenario to make people think critically, but the punchline of “Christmas will be different this year - but so much better in the long run”, changes it to a not so subtle liberal political statement. I won’t go so far as to unsubscribe, but I will be looking at your “research” with a lot more scepticism.

In your scenario of “It was the Washington school massacre of 2017, in which 350 students lost their lives within driving distance of the White House”, it wasn’t the personal gun ownership that was the problem, but that the school was a gun-free zone and there was no one with a personal gun to stop the shooter/s. Except for a few exceptions, all gun massacres have occurred in gun-free zones, and the only thing that stopped the shooters were good guys with guns, either cops or civilians.
Posted: 29 October 2015 at 16:00
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