Marizanne Knoesen The Economist thinks it could be a win-win situation as well

"Europe’s labour force is ageing and will soon begin to shrink. Its governments have racked up vast debts which they plan to dump on future generations. This will be harder if those future generations are smaller. Immigrants, including asylum-seekers, are typically young and eager to work. So they can help ease this problem: caring for the elderly and shouldering a share of debts they had no role in running up. Africans and Arabs are young. Europe can borrow some of their vitality, but only if European governments handle all types of migration more sensibly, which will be politically hard and require reform in labour markets, too."

- The Economist
Posted: 4 September 2015 at 17:24

Doug Vining Migrants are good for business

We've pointed out before that migration is a natural human phenomenon and has been responsible for building some of the greatest nations on earth, like the United States. The current trend toward closing borders is bad for growth. Here the Economist shows, with data, that Europe needs more migrants to avoid shrinking populations, and by implication, shrinking economies.
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