Wolfgang Grulke 27 September 2013: IPCC report confirms global warming threat.

Nice timing, virtually the same day this MB was published. Any comment on the distance between these two scenarios?
Posted: 28 September 2013 at 10:39

Doug Vining 27 September 2013: IPCC report confirms global warming threat.

The timing of this MindBullet was entirely intentional. :-)
I think the distance between these two scenarios only serves to illustrate the final point - the debate will rage on, as it is, in mainstream media as well as online.
Quite telling for me, is that the "alarmists" are becoming more defensive, even denialist in their dogmatic faith in the warming scenario, while the "skeptics" are increasingly being supported by observable fact and common sense.
I think that, by 2015, we should see if warming is resumed, or if the trend is towards cooling. Either way , I doubt whether there is a case to be made for "catastrophic runaway warming" which was the war cry of the warmists. I'm quite surprised that the IPCC has put so much support behind 'global warming' as the shift recently has been towards 'climate change' and even 'climate anomalies'.
Whatever the direction of climate change, which surely will occur, I remain convinced that we humans can't control it, least of all by carbon tax! Let's rather spend our money on fighting pollution.
Public rhetoric leads to all sorts of silly utterances. I recently heard a radio host say that the plastic pollution in the Pacific Gyre, which is a HUGE problem, was exacerbated by climate change!
Posted: 29 September 2013 at 21:13

Wolfgang Grulke It's only the IPCC's hot air that's getting hotter!

I love Dominic Lawson's leader article in the Sunday Times today. He talks about "the dangers of consensus" and how major issues get "corrupted by politics". From the 'credit crunch' to 'weapons of mass destruction' he believes that the climate debate, and the new IPCC report, has been similarly hijacked.
"Since 2007 we have known that since 1998 there has been no continuation of the warming trend...even though our CO2 emissions have increased steadily...and has continued in the intervening six years...making a total of 15 years in which no increase in average temperatures has been detected."
Despite this reality he believes that the IPCC report has failed to acknowledge this "in response to strong objections from the German government" who has been the leader in de-carbonising their economy - with the result that "electricity in Germany is now 40% more expensive than the European average".
"The fifth assessment report of the IPCC has been corrupted by politics".
Makes you think, doesn't it, Mrs Merkel!?
Posted: 29 September 2013 at 14:12

Doug Vining Climate crisis critics having a field day

Critics of the IPCC are having a grand time of it since the release of their latest report. Here Nigel Lawson calls it mumbo jumbo, and with good reason.

The global warming alarmists have gone on the defensive, refusing to admit that their models are wrong, even as observations prove them so. This while admitting that they don't know what is causing the rise of ice in Antarctica. Instead they have heightened their 'confidence' in man-made warming, and renewed their calls for preventative action.

A new twist is the introduction of a 'carbon budget' that we will exceed at our peril. The problem is, we will exceed it at some point, creating guilt, blame, and all sorts of fruitless consequences for society as a whole, as policy makers scramble to create taxes and regulations to prevent the inevitable. And if by some chance we don't exceed the carbon budget, nothing will happen, there will be no reward. Neither will there be a real environmental penalty in my opinion, when we have 'spent' our carbon budget, just a man-made social penalty.

The carbon budget is another obsfucation tactic, creating a red herring which will come to pass as did the 400ppm bogey man, an arbitrary measure with which to whip society, and ...
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Posted: 2 October 2013 at 18:29

Neil Jacobsohn Smell the coffee!

Amid the unholy glee evidenced by climate change skeptics at the suggestion that the climate is currently cooling, there are some incontrovertible facts being conveniently ignored - some with potentially awful effects! For example, the world coffee crop is currently down 35% as warming climates in coffee-growing regions blight crops, and welcome pests that flourish in such warmer climes. Coffee prices will soar and the beverage itself will become increasingly hard to source.
That's surely enough to wipe the smirk off the face of the crassest denialist!
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Posted: 13 October 2013 at 09:41

Doug Vining Climate change halted in the US

Well, that's one way to halt the debate on climate change and global warming. Shut down the government agencies that monitor it!

As a result of the continuing fiscal crisis in the United States, many federal agencies have been shut down, including their websites. Visiting the website for the NOAA gets the following result:

"Due to the Federal government shutdown,
NOAA.gov and most associated web sites
are unavailable.

Specific NOAA web sites necessary to protect lives
and property are operational and will be maintained.

See Weather.gov for critical weather
information or contact USA.gov for more
information about the shutdown.

NOAA Federal Employees: For access to the
Notice to Federal Employees About Unemployment
Insurance (SF-8), please Click Here."

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Posted: 16 October 2013 at 09:59

Doug Vining Climate change hits Antarctica

The effect of climate change is clearly evident in Antarctica, where the sea ice is now at a 30-year maximum. Alarm bells are ringing in the scientific community. What will be the impact on penguins and their breeding potential for the future? What if the freezing continues and extends ever further, year after year? This year, the ice extended 35km further than normal. By 2190 we could see an ice bridge all the way to Terra del Fuego!

But the biggest problem for climate scientists is the simple fact that no-one can explain the cause of this cooling, and the models developed over decades cannot shed any light on the issue. But the evidence is indisputable - the South Pole is cooling. NASA has confirmed it. Perhaps it's a leading indicator of the next mini ice age?
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Posted: 28 October 2013 at 20:25

Doug Vining Australia cuts carbon tax

Australia's new Prime Minister has delivered on his election promise to scarp carbon tax. He knows, like many other observers, that carbon taxes do not change the climate in any discernible way, but they do affect people's livelihoods and their voting behaviour.

If only more politicians would come to their senses and abandon carbon taxes in favour of more useful measures like pollution taxes. Real pollution in the oceans, rivers and atmosphere should be the first order of business for preserving the environment, followed by habitat preservation, biodiversity and reforestation.

I stand by my old adage: "No amount of tax will change the climate; but the climate will change!"
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Posted: 13 November 2013 at 08:02

Doug Vining Predictable predictions

The most predictable thing about predictions is that they are usually wrong. Take this prediction, for example, made in 2013:

“The first ice-free Arctic day (as defined by NSIDC) will occur by the end of 2020.”

It's patently obvious (now, in 2018) that this won't occur in the next two years. Arctic ice has made a strong rebound since 2012, its lowest year, and could increase or decrease, depending on El Ninos and ocean currents in the next decade. But of course, the scenario described in the attached MindBullet, that Global Warming would cease to be a hotly debated issue, is equally predictably false!
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Posted: 13 August 2018 at 10:35
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