The India Perspective:
In a country like India the movement of the VCP/VCR to a CD replacement has been quite fast. In 1983 we saw the commercial advent of colour TVs. For VCP/VCR, 1990 where sales were at peak to its CD replacement starting in 2000-2002.Roughly a 10 yrs life span with an technology overlap of i would say 2 years.
Though some of the consumers would have never bought a VCR/VCP but they would directly buy a CD as VCR/VCP are no longer sold/serviced.

For Washing Machine,i would say commercial usage was at 1990 but picked up at 1995 with advancements in WM variations but the job was to wash clothes. However, the affordability is still an issue in India.

Any thoughts on cost implication for a consumer for such a piece of clothing. The option is very viable in country like India.Again we could see people skipping technology like in India consumers bought cell phones without ever owning a regular telephone.The economies of scale might play a role.

Any thoughts...
Posted: 12 January 2012 at 12:50


Thanks for your perspective, Kushal. Of course, in some parts of India, and Africa too, washing is still done by hand, and a washing machine is considered a luxury. However, by 2020 these smart fabrics might be commonplace and manufactured just as cheaply as T-shirts are today, or perhaps it will be many decades before that happens.

I think there is definitely scope for developing nations to leap-frog the traditional appliance technologies, like they did with cell phones. The drivers for this might be the energy and resources landscape. You need electricity and a stable water supply for washing machines, but smart self-cleaning clothes only need sunlight and a bit of fresh air!
Posted: 13 January 2012 at 10:06

Doug Vining A future for Polaroid

And you thought Polaroid cameras were obsolete objects of historical curiosity, didn't you?

Well, now Polaroid are releasing new digital models that produce instant prints (I guess somebody still wants them) using 'zero ink'. Will it work in the market? You tell me...
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