Jean-Marie van der Elst Applied economic policy and use of New Tech

Whilst we are benefitting from the new technologies available despite the information overload, it is how we apply these new tools in our new mindset and paradigms that will have an impact on economic performance or not. All too often we rely on Tech innovations to cover for the lack of common economic sense. Eg It's not the 3D printer that has changed the way we manufacture but how and where we buy, how we transport and how we manage this new consumer-centric paradigm starting with the consumer and not the producer. If we get that right then economic policy has a chance to promote growth and wealth creation, but (there is always a but ?) we need to listen to the 99% message. Current economic policy, whatever the Tech improvements cannot benefit a narrow sector of the worlds population if we are to create a "better place...for you and for me" Great tools demand sound values in this new virtual world - economic, social, political and environmental.....JME
Posted: 1 December 2011 at 09:22

Doug Vining Factories of the future

That interesting military research agency known as DARPA has backed innovation from smart minded people over the years, and more recently has been crowd sourcing solutions by offering rewards to 'grand challenges'.

Now they using open innovation to reinvent the way complex systems are put together for complex manufacturing tasks.
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Posted: 8 December 2011 at 13:49
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