Mayank Pandey Very interesting scenario

This is a great scenario painted for policy makes and entrepreneurs equally. More often then not the desire to make money quickly forces a mad rush. What would be of interest is to understand what is the liklihood of Jatropha yeild fluctuating significantly.
Posted: 11 August 2011 at 11:04

Doug Vining Very interesting scenario

Some of the links in this MindBullet point to research that shows the yield is unpredictable and often poor. The point is jatropha has not been domesticated and I don't know if there is enough value in attempting to genetically modify it. It seems that this scenario is all too likely!
Posted: 11 August 2011 at 11:17

Graham Clarke Biofuel

This is the future for Biofuel crops- as the only net gain you can get from said crop is the energy that is harvested from the sun and we can get that in much less destructive ways than cropping. Never mind the idea that it is good policy to grow fuel where food currently grows.
Posted: 12 August 2011 at 01:59

Doug Vining More bad biofuel business

The scenario for lots of biofuel alternatives, ones that don't compete with food crops, like Jatropha diesel and cellulosic ethanol, has been dealt a further blow. BP had been talking up the promise of a commercial scale plant for cellulosic ethanol, but is now backing out of the project.

Will biofuel ever become a mainstream alternative to gasoline and diesel?
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Posted: 2 November 2012 at 15:31
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