Doug Vining Growing artificial brains

We've had MindBullets (and real news articles) about printing body parts, growing replacement organs, and robots controlled by artificial brains.

This MindBullet even discussed a robot that is controlled by a brain cultured from cells taken from a real rodent. The 'brain' acted as the robot's electronic CPU, something which has already been demonstrated in the labs.

Now researchers are suggesting something more advanced - building a brain from scratch using fragments of DNA. Although this is done on a very small, rudimentary scale in this case, the potential impact in the future is truly mind-blowing. If we can synthesize organisms, as has been done by Dr Craig Venter, and build brains from DNA, as reported here, then surely our ability to build living, thinking 'devices', call them robots if you will, is only a matter of time.

If they are alive, will they have the same rights as animals, or will they be treated like bacteria or plants?
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Posted: 27 July 2011 at 09:41
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