Doug Vining Battle of the giants in the cloud

Here's an insightful commentary on how the recent acquisitions and announcements in the online and social / mobile arena are shaping up for the big battle between Microsoft, Google and Apple.

Now that Facebook is taking on Skype as a video plug-in, and Nokia is increasingly looking like a Microsoft captive, it's quite possible that Microsoft can extend its presence in the market and in the cloud, positioning Google as its main competition and relegating Apple to third spot.

Could it be that Microsoft's recent deals with Nokia and Skype, and future deals with Facebook, will prove to be quite visionary and not the last gasp efforts of a matured leader in decline? Imagine if the Flexipad we invented for this MindBullet is made by Nokia!
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Posted: 8 July 2011 at 11:18

Doug Vining Facebook finds its mobile home

We published a MindBullet a while back, that suggested Facebook would compete with Apple and Google by using Windows to provide a Facebook-centric mobile device, called the Flexipad.

Well, only six months after the dateline of that MindBullet, and 40 years after the first cell phone call in 1973, Facebook has done just that - except they leapfrogged tablets straight to smartphones, and blew off Windows in favour of Android, despite the fact that Google is arguably a bigger rival than Microsoft.

The choice of Android is sensible, beyond the fact that it's a free operating system. It's also the most ubiquitous smart mobile device platform, running on everything from cheap Chinese tablets, like the Sweet Tablets entry level at GBP 69.99, to the latest and greatest Galaxy device from Samsung.

I can just see some of the generic Android devices advertising Facebook Home integration as a desirable feature. Welcome home, Mark.
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Posted: 5 April 2013 at 13:43

Doug Vining Free Windows for phones

Almost four years ago, we suggested in a MindBullet that Microsoft and Facebook should team up and produce a mobile device with free operating software and internet access. We called it the Flexipad and explained how this business model could work for them.

Well, buried in the reporting from Microsoft's latest Build conference was this little gem: "Also for devices of less than 9 inches, Windows avail now for $0."

In other words, Windows will be free for phones and tablets. Now, at this early stage, it's not clear if this is for developers only, or also for manufacturers, and ultimately users of Windows phones and tablets.

But whichever way you cut it, it kind of makes our MindBullet rather accurate as a scenario for the future, doesn't it?
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Posted: 3 April 2014 at 20:46
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