Anton Musgrave Winners

Countries that offered easy business enablement- less red tape, Government incentives, access to skills, cheap and fast communication, stable electricity supply, open and fair society etc would attract new business investment ahead of others. Trade and investment decisions would no longer be driven by tax arbitrage. Honesty would become a new attribute of business and society!
Posted: 26 November 2009 at 00:00

Doug Vining Not so far-fetched

Global support for a tax on banks is growing, says Gordon Brown
Prime minister predicts financial deal by G20 in June

Quite how a global tax would work is unclear, but Brown said he thought the International Monetary Fund would propose a method that would be "somewhat different" from the tax on wholesale funding proposed by Barack Obama.

The US president disagreed with Brown earlier in the year after he proposed that the state should take a cut of bank transactions – a Tobin tax – but the IMF is thought to be considering alternatives, such as a tax on bank profits, turnover or remuneration.
Posted: 11 February 2010 at 09:05

Doug Vining G20 taxes banks

The International Monetary Fund outlined a proposal to the G20 for two new taxes on banks around the world, to fund future bailouts. The IMF has proposed a set of broad taxes on the financial industry to guard against future crises, and the levies that would target "excess" profits and compensation as well as raise hundreds of billions of dollars in the United States alone.
Posted: 21 April 2010 at 09:11

Anton Musgrave Is Income Tax Working?

As we struggle to understand the economics of sustainability, governance, fairness, conscious capitalism, transparency and so on we must ask if income tax and all its complexities will ever be the right mechanism to fund countries? The regulatory complexity, loop holes, havens and the rest make the levy of income tax highly unfair on ordinary citizens and a playground for tax lawyers and accountants. Corporations and wealth individual tax payers all over the world get away with less than their fair share. Ultimately, in order to build a fair and sustainable society, fairness must rule.

Perhaps it's time for a brave Government to abolish income tax entirely and replace it with a simple, limited exemption (perhaps basic food stuffs) consumption tax payable across the board by everyone, fairly.
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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 05:29
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