Duwayne Kock Availability

This is indeed an idea that is expected to materialise in the near future. Considering the fact that Avis has won the deal for the modified transformer, would the Skypod only be available for rental purposes and if not, what would the value of such an intervention be for the individual who may be interested. Who would be the primary manfuctures and what would a maintainance plan consist of?
Posted: 20 May 2010 at 08:31

Doug Vining RE: Availability

Good questions, Duwayne, and ones which will be answered by the future! My feeling is that it will take more than five years to get acceptable prototypes working for the military, and the civilian versions will only come much later. They could be made available under strict licensing rules, like light aircraft, or sold with a reduced set of functionality. Who knows? Maybe BMW or Bombardier would be manufacturers. I think a 'motor plan' would be essential.
Posted: 20 May 2010 at 14:23

Duwayne Kock RE: RE: Availability

Just a quick question.
I work in our Finance division for the Card business. Do you perhaps have an idea of the status of chip implants into human beings for transactional purposes as well as mass storage purposes. As I understand it, this product is designed to limit the risk of personal details being stolen from individuals as is commonly occuring in todays news.
I'm interested as to which country would implement this first (if it has not yet been done) and which company would be the primary stakeholder for such an intervention.
Posted: 20 May 2010 at 16:07

Doug Vining RE: RE: RE: Availability

Hi Duwayne, a recent poll in Germany showed 23% of people would be prepared to accept chip implants for benefits:
I'll follow up with email on any additional info.
Posted: 20 May 2010 at 16:50

Doug Vining NASA's concept Personal Plane

NASA in January unveiled a concept for a personal electric aircraft;
Posted: 20 May 2010 at 14:33

Ingrid Lohse Novel with a similar outlook

Don't know whether you heard of a German novel author "Frank Schätzing" who write futuristic novels - His new book "LIMIT" is quite interesting and might be inspring fro some other stories. Not sure whether this is available in English already. He has some other great books like "The Swarm".

BUT this is no scientific literature - it is fiction (but so well done that we could think this becomes reality!

Ingrid Lohse
Posted: 23 May 2010 at 10:57

Ken Durand Not a long stretch

When I read this, I knew I remembered this coming up in another context. Visit www.iconaircraft.com and you'll note that the change from sport hydro to "car type" functionality is not all that different. This sort of hybrid may be the first step to the Avis scenario. Some very nice video on this site as well.
Posted: 26 May 2010 at 22:46

Doug Vining RE: Not a long stretch

Thanks for the great link. Sport Light Aircraft certainly look promising, but DARPA wants something that also has vertical takeoff and landing - quite a challenge!
Posted: 28 May 2010 at 17:20

Doug Vining DARPA must be interested in this flying bedstead

Now here's a flying system that could be revolutionary, if you'll excuse the pun. At first glance it looks like sci-fi nonsense, but actually tugboats use these kinds of turbines to manoeuvre in all directions. This is the same principle, but mounted horizontally, not vertically into the water, and makes a lot of sense. It's much easier to control than downward thrusting rotors or jets.

It seems quite simple, one wonders why no one tried it before. But I suppose the control systems, allowing thrust to be carefully balanced, required some modern computing technology. Having cracked the intellectual challenge, there's no reason why this couldn't turn out to be the ideal propulsion method for DARPA's Flying Hummer.
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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 18:58

Anton Musgrave Now this could be fun!

Is the future of transport about to 'take-off?' Will the skeptics remember the horse vs motorized car debate last century? With short take off capability one may even be able to leap frog traffic jams! Where do I order one now??
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Posted: 7 November 2011 at 10:12

Anton Musgrave The shift from Ownership to Access

Ownership and our ongoing desire to own assets, things, stuff...almost anything, lies at the heart of what drives business growth. Each of us has significant value locked away in cupboards, garages and store-rooms. None of it invested in anything but our ego's or short term need for fulfillment of various kinds. All of it could be invested, growing, adding some value to the economy in different ways! With the global financial meltdown causing many of us to re-examine our priorities, we are swing a strong shift from the asset focus to an experience focus. Its not about the car I drive but the destinations I reach! This shift away from ownership to a world where access is more important and valuable holds significant implications for the world and for business.

Our latest theme, 'The Future is never Urgent, Leaders Make it So' explores this and other market and business changes that lie ahead. The future WILL surprise!
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Posted: 16 March 2012 at 07:00

Anton Musgrave From flying cars to smart flying robots!

It's all happening in the world of flying vehicles...now its smart, flying robots that learn as they fly and collaborate in real time. Think about the application of this research in the next ten years and it starts to get both interesting and intellectually challenging. Is the world of pilotless airplanes really approaching?
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Posted: 3 April 2012 at 10:20

Doug Vining Flying cars - closer than you think

There are many reasons why the flying car is not yet running around our streets, or buzzing around the skies. But fear not, dear reader, it won't be long before these machines are not just the realm of dreams, but everyday reality!

Dutch company PAL-V has one of the best prototypes yet, in my opinion, and it does drive, and fly. Check out the links to this story for proof.

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Posted: 1 May 2012 at 20:39

Doug Vining Which will be first: commercial drones or driverless taxis?

These days everyone is talking about really smart cars, autonomous vehicles that drive themselves. But the military has been using drones and remotely controlled aircraft for quite a while now, to good effect.

It's interesting to see the Economist suggest that civilian drones might be in use before driverless cars become mainstream. I can just imagine the increase in UFO sightings that will accompany that development!
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Posted: 9 January 2013 at 17:49

Anton Musgrave Collaborative consumption joins the mainstream

Remember peer to peer networks for sharing music? remember peer to peer networks for sharing videos and films? Now its changing the car rental and car ownership markets in large cities! The impacts are significant...from more effective allocation of personal capital to changed business models for car manufacturers and rental companies. What's next...holiday homes, DIY tools, expensive camera lenses (bring it on!) and many others types of assets that are not used every day! By 2023, just ten years from now, we will not own usefulness, seldom used assets, toys or other 'thing' any longer. Retailers please pay attention!
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Posted: 28 January 2013 at 16:54

Doug Vining Fly away in your drone

We've seen many videos of nifty battery-powered quadrotor micro drones swarming about, and some of us have seen larger octocopter drones mounted with TV cameras covering outdoor events. But electric copters big ebough to carry people have seemed unlikely until now.

E-volo have built a scaled-up 18-rotor battery-powered that carries two people - and you can fly it with a joystick! It sounds very promising, but obviously is limited to sport applications, with flying time of about only 20 minutes.
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Posted: 3 January 2014 at 10:20

Doug Vining Flying car of the future

Is this the flying car we've all been waiting for? It's not from DARPA, it's from Slovakia!

We'll have to wait and see...
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Posted: 6 October 2014 at 09:19

Doug Vining Are we ready for the autocars?

Back in 2010, when we published this MndBullet, Uber didn't exist. But the concept of renting a ride rather than owning a car was well established. And when all the Uber cars are driverless, what will become of Avis and Hertz? Will they simply become depots for Uber autocars?
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Posted: 26 January 2015 at 17:26

Doug Vining Rent a flying car

Six years ago we published this MindBullet suggesting that the flying robot taxi of the future would be rented on demand, and you wouldn't need a pilot's skills to fly it. That was some time before drones became so commonplace! Now here's an article suggesting that our scenario wasn't so far fetched after all. Las Vegas has given the go ahead for the Ehang taxi drone to start trials later this year. It can carry one passenger and a bag for about 20 minutes.
A FuturesForum post (titled: "Rent a flying car") refers to this MindBullet. The full FuturesForum post can be read here: http://www.futureworld.org/PublicZone/FuturesForum/BlogDetails.aspx?PostID=7006e1b6-6e80-416e-aa6b-8e1270fe69db
Posted: 9 June 2016 at 08:28

Doug Vining Flying car fantasies and factories

Despite several failures like the Skycar, there seems to be an abiding fascination with flying cars, and some people, like Larry Page, are willing to put big money behind their development. Perhaps it's a burning desire to see a childhood dream come true. My personal opinion is that a flying car is the wrong concept. A personal drone seems like a better idea, one that flies itself, and takes up a single parking space when it's on the ground. Like the Ehang drone taxi. Or even better, an Uber Drone.
A FuturesForum post (titled: "Flying car fantasies and factories") refers to this MindBullet. The full FuturesForum post can be read here: http://www.futureworld.org/PublicZone/FuturesForum/BlogDetails.aspx?PostID=74b83aba-e24c-43c1-a424-7fe8791054a1
Posted: 23 June 2016 at 11:43

Doug Vining Flying taxi

Renting a flying car from Avis might be something for the future, but the concept of an autonomous flying taxi is getting some traction. Last week Airbus announced that their prototype called Vahana successfully completed a first takeoff and landing, without a pilot in charge. Read all about it at the Verge:
A FuturesForum post (titled: "Flying taxi") refers to this MindBullet. The full FuturesForum post can be read here: http://www.futureworld.org/PublicZone/FuturesForum/BlogDetails.aspx?PostID=a46b0161-2341-453d-bdf5-21da220d1f0d
Posted: 5 February 2018 at 08:58
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