Anton Musgrave Is oil really beyond its peak?

The stories are stacking up...the agony growing...the bets either way are increasing! Wither the future of oil? Here is another perspective. Whatever unfolds is not the story, the real story is that anyone involved at any level, in any dimension, with the oil industry needs to be paying attention (just dumb if they're not already) and needs to be clear on what the drivers of the future are and what these mean. My bet is that the future is different and it's not a return to the glory days of $100 per barrel!
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Posted: 3 February 2016 at 20:50

Doug Vining Is oil really beyond its peak?

We published a MindBullet some time ago, with the title PEAK OIL IS HORSE MANURE and the topic of that scenario is still relevant. Just as the age of 'peak horse' in the big cities gave way to motor cars, so will oil eventually be supplanted by other, more efficient and less polluting forms of energy. And if you think horses are not polluting, the piles of manure in London, Paris and New York WERE a major problem in their day!

Peak oil will be a consumption peak, and thereafter it will decline, not through a scarcity of the crude supplies. Many oil companies have already redefined themselves as energy companies. If not, they face eventual irrelevance and extinction.
Posted: 9 February 2016 at 09:54
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