Wolfgang Grulke Consequence of a low oil price

Even if the "Oil is not a fossil fuel" scenario turns out not to be true, there are many other factors that could result in a dramatically lower oil price.
The consequence would almost certainly be increased instability in the Middle East. The West should be careful when wishing for a lower oil price - we might just get what we wish for, with unintended consequences!
Posted: 25 March 2004 at 09:35

Wolfgang Grulke Wired Magazine July 2004

Great article titled "The Trillion-Barrel Tar Pit: Who needs oil independence - our friendly neighbor to the north is sitting on a black gold mine" - see links for direct access
Posted: 7 July 2004 at 20:25

Wolfgang Grulke See new link added...

Article from National Science Foundation, Washington, issued 14 September 2004: Hydrocarbons in the deep Earth?
Posted: 16 September 2004 at 12:31

Wolfgang Grulke RE: See new link added...

Also see New Scientist article titled "In just 50 years we could cure our addiction to oil".
Posted: 26 October 2004 at 16:59

Wolfgang Grulke What if we no longer needed oil?

Just had an interesting discussion on this point. What a turnaround that would be. No more 'need' for American imperialism in the Middle East! After all, this could be the strongest strategic reason to support the drive towards alternative and renewable fuel sources - to reduce our dependence on oil. In America we now see the Greens and the conservative right ganging up around this issue.
This was sparked by a report in the press today from a think tank in Washington, The Institute for the Analysis of Global Security: "Our energy demand is financing terror".
Posted: 19 September 2004 at 12:28

Wolfgang Grulke New report from National Academy of Sciences

"These results support the possibility that the deep Earth may produce hydrocarbons of its own, without any goelogical processes" - see also the report in the The Daily Telegraph on 13 October 2004 "Are we down to our last drop of oil? - the petroleum age is far from over"
Posted: 13 October 2004 at 14:31
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