I would say that this is not futuristic enough - this is already a reality with Pistorius the guy in South Africa with the bionic legs. A real futuristic story story should rather be focused on nanotech where the athlete "grew" new legs in a world first development and ended up with bionic strength.....
Posted: 27 March 2007 at 00:00

Wolfgang Grulke RE: Li Lo

Good idea - why don't you write a MindBullet on that topic.

The 'new' issue for this MindBullet, in my view, is the moral one of someone actually choosing to have their 'good' legs replaced by bionic ones!
Posted: 27 March 2007 at 00:00

Shorty Short RE: RE: Li Lo

Interesting developments these certainly, but are morals really at issue here?
If we agree that humanity will strive for bigger and better performance (in any field of endeavour) the World should by now be a far better place for all and not just for some?
Will we ever shake the 'winner rewrites the History-books' mentality?
Posted: 29 March 2007 at 21:27

John Menasce LIlo- prosthetics in the future

The immediate future for the next ten years is being able to attach the prosthesis directly to the bone of the residual limb. It removes all the problems of fitting a prosthesis socket to an already compromised residual limb. The Russians have apparently experimented with this and there is allegedly some pioneering work in Britian prompted by the London underground bombings and the casualties there. Barriers to overcome are infection of the area where the attachment comes through the skin and permament ossification of the attachment adaptor to the residual bone. How about some discussion on these lines.
Posted: 10 April 2007 at 07:55

Wolfgang Grulke RE: LIlo- prosthetics in the future

Let's hear it from the 'medics' out there!
Posted: 11 April 2007 at 04:29

Brett Dawson Transhumanism is inevitable

I have no doubt that transhumanism is the future evolutionary path of humans. I recall someone was running a institute for transhumanity in Hawaii but I can't seem to find the link. I did find a reference to a transhumanity scenario called "Blue Hawaii"
See http://digitalcrusader.ca/archives/2006/09/hawaii_2050_fou.html
and http://hawaii2050.org/images/uploads/futures_scenarios.pdf
Posted: 27 March 2007 at 00:00

Wolfgang Grulke RE: Transhumanism is inevitable

The last few weeks has seen world-wide coverage of the "pistorius phenomenon" and the idea that transhumanism may be inevitable.

The IAAF in the meantime is moving to ban 'disabled' Pistorius from competing in the Beijing Olympics.

One article by Jere Longman has appeared in many publications including the NYT - read it here http://www.boston.com/yourlife/health/other/articles/2007/05/15/an_amputee_sprinter_is_he_disabled_or_too_abled/.

Posted: 27 May 2007 at 11:59

Neil Jacobsohn RE: RE: Transhumanism is inevitable

Plus there's a lengthy cover story in the New York Times supplement within the Sunday Times today, complete with fascinating graphics on Pistorius and how his prosthetic limbs work.
Posted: 27 May 2007 at 12:37

Wolfgang Grulke RE: RE: RE: Transhumanism is inevitable

That's the same syndicated story! W
Posted: 27 May 2007 at 20:35

Wolfgang Grulke 'Pistorius Effect' deepens

Critics are circling these issues and they are likely to come to a head in the run-up to the Olympics!
A FuturesForum post (titled: "'Pistorius Effect' deepens") refers to this MindBullet. The full FuturesForum post can be read here: http://www.futureworld.org/PublicZone/FuturesForum/BlogDetails.aspx?PostID=f074864d-2926-473e-81f1-db10c8e3c64d
Posted: 25 August 2011 at 10:12

Wolfgang Grulke The battle for the future of disability

At the Paralympics 2012 the ultra-competive norms of sport at the highest level have been put into the spotlight for the first time in the world of he disabled. In a year where the Lance Armstrong case has highlighted the dark side of competitiveness, we have to ask what the future will be like for the Paralympics 2020 and beyond. Our MindBullet published five years ago already hinted at a possible future where the whole definition of what it means to be disabled is called into question.
A FuturesForum post (titled: "The battle for the future of disability") refers to this MindBullet. The full FuturesForum post can be read here: http://www.futureworld.org/PublicZone/FuturesForum/BlogDetails.aspx?PostID=7df2b17b-032f-4619-80ae-1f839d30dbef
Posted: 6 September 2012 at 10:22
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