Anton Musgrave Good point!

Makes me think of India's consensus challenge created by its 'perfect democracy' - yet it still manages serious growth! It's about tolerance, flexibility and sensitivity and it's a two way street. As in all cycles, it seems to be swinging too far in one direction and will eventually return.
Posted: 8 December 2006 at 00:00

Wolfgang Grulke Are we too PC?

Political correctness is brushing a lot of (strongly held) views under the carpet and we are in danger of burying deep-rooted concerns under heaps of waffle.

I have just finished reading Richard Dawkins' 'The God Delusion' and this speaks of a whole range of widely-held views that we dare not express for fear of being thought not to be 'politically correct'.

There is a real danger that we erode freedom of thought and freeedom of expression as we try to be too PC! They may both be the pillar of democracy - but they seem to be in the process of eroding each other!
Posted: 11 December 2006 at 00:00

Steve Sidley Democracy creates monster

Aah, the great adversarial tension between the protection of minorities and the tyranny of the majority. So shall it always be. It is a good monster because it changes shape with the zeitgeist of the times.
Posted: 14 December 2006 at 12:01

Wolfgang Grulke UK legislation goes mad too!

Saga, the highly successful UK senior citizens business, has now been stopped from advertising its seniors' cruises to seniors only. You can just imagine a group of disappointed 20-somethings being turned away from a seniors cruise!

The Single Equality Act will outlaw discrimination based on the customer's age. Estate agents will not be able to say that a flat may "suit a mature person".

An article in The Times suggests that the Golden Sunset Retirement Home will have to be renamed The Care Home for People of all Ages!
Posted: 18 May 2007 at 13:39
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