Gavin Chait Something to read

For me, the biggest hassle is going to be two-fold: I never put luggage in the hold because it is so slow to get on and off - some innovation here is called for; second, I may go out of my mind if I can't take a book with me. I think that the plane better have a massive store of ebooks to read in those new seat computers.
Posted: 13 August 2006 at 00:00

Neil Jacobsohn RE: Something to read

Books are not banned, so far as I know (thank God!!) And as for come they can detect minute quantities of dangerous substances but cannot spot a few large thugs rifling through your suitcase in the backroom??
Posted: 14 August 2006 at 00:00

Doug Vining Topical topic

I like the approach and the topical nature of this MB. Existing services like Cosmopod ( would also be big winners in this scenario.
Posted: 13 August 2006 at 00:00

Brett Dawson End of 'jumbos'?

I also wonder if this latest development won't open the way for a new airline targeting 1st class - smaller planes, that use smaller runways from different locations that don't go through public hot spots like Heathrow/Gatwick/JFK etc.
Posted: 13 August 2006 at 00:00

Anthony Cohen Carry-On Ban

Quite topical at the moment however most business people do not sit on board a plane using there laptops while in flight. A far better soloution to the crisis that faces this industry is private airlines where members of this private club are pre-security checked and cleared for all travel.
Posted: 17 August 2006 at 09:22

Wolfgang Grulke RE: Carry-On Ban

When I travel from London to New York for a meeting, the plane ride is where I do most of my preparation - and so do most of the business people around me. Without access to my information and computing power this long daytime flight would be 'dead' time for me. I like the idea of airlines and hotels giving me access as and when I need it - of course I can always choose no to do so!
Posted: 18 August 2006 at 09:08

Geoff Jooste Carry-on bans

Seems that the point is missed that internet access will still allow a sharp programmer the opportunity using the onboard computer to still trigger any device hidden even in the hold.
Posted: 18 August 2006 at 08:22

Wolfgang Grulke RE: Carry-on bans

Interesting...tell me how that might work.
Posted: 18 August 2006 at 09:22

Geoff Jooste RE: RE: Carry-on bans

Hi Wolfgang I understand that if tracking device is on the plane then an internet connection can bounce a signal off a satelite to this receiver device. Maybe I am incorrectly informed? Regards Geoff
Posted: 18 August 2006 at 17:31

Doug Vining RE: Carry-on bans

If that were possible, it could just as easily be triggered from an internet connection on the ground, not so? The security angle is to avoid any explosives being placed anywhere on the plane. Communication devices will continue to be a commonplace item carried by travellers.
Posted: 18 August 2006 at 10:33

Max Burger Carry-on bans

Sounds like out of the budget presentation from BA 2007 :)
Posted: 18 August 2006 at 10:14

Wolfgang Grulke Loved today's article by David Bullard...

Posted: 20 August 2006 at 10:52

Bielie van Zyl Carry-on bans

Spot on. Situation has arrived a year sooner than predicted!!
Posted: 20 August 2006 at 10:53

Wolfgang Grulke InternetWeek comments on this issue

It looks like CIOs are starting to see this as a possible reality already! Get set for laptop-free business travel!;jsessionid=BLTZUU02OLESIQSNDLRCKHSCJUNN2JVN?articleId=192202197&pgno=1&queryText
Posted: 22 August 2006 at 12:36
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