Brett Dawson Political power and stability

Politicians effectively make the rules by drafting legislation & floating it in a peer review process, where it is either accepted or rejected (usually for re-work). One of the problems with gov is that it's difficult enough having to live with a four- to five-year election term (especially when long-term decisions need to be made). Inevitably these guys need to make tough decisions and risk bad publicity for the improvement of everyone in general (some times - especially when sustainability is at stake). Allowing the public to vote people out of government on a whim would require some radical changes in legislation and some even more radical changes in thinking. I can't see any politician accepting this as an acceptable job risk. Maybe some special section of government, but not the full scope of government. We would have to make provision for a different government structure that accommodated very short-term and potentially catastrophic change.
Posted: 30 May 2006 at 00:00

Wolfgang Grulke RE: Political power and stability

Just imagine how the behavior of politicians would change if they knew that they ran the risk of getting 'voted off' next month!

I think the British, French, German and Italian governments especially would be better off for it.

This may be highly idealistic, but what a nice thought. I like your idea of limiting the application and risk.
Posted: 1 June 2006 at 08:59

Doug Vining RE: RE: Political power and stability

I think the South African government could also benefit from this scheme!
Posted: 1 June 2006 at 09:06

Shorty Short Additional thoughts

Great thought - but just imagine the concomitant increase in
communications technology alone that would accompany such a move as proposed. The economic ramifications should be explored. All manner of controls for eliminating double (or worse) votes would be needed and would we all really want to be bombarded with virtually everything Politicians do and say (in order to form a fair and proper opinion, that is?). If this was the case, then the 'Body Chip' better get expanded
capabilities too. Imagine having to decide whether you should have a 1Gb or 3Gb (or worse) chip implanted just so you could stay properly informed :)

A bit risky in the SA context though, for not all of the Population yet has the wherewithal to 'dial-in' that simply. What a business opportunity though!
Posted: 2 June 2006 at 13:54

Doug Vining How the net closed on Prescott

The deputy prime minister's latest tangle is the first big British political story to be driven by bloggers, reports the Guardian.,,1816527,00.html
Posted: 10 July 2006 at 11:28

Wolfgang Grulke The British government gets it!

Today's Sunday Times reports on a plan to evict underperforming peers - read "You are the weakest peer - Goddbye!"
Posted: 6 July 2008 at 11:23

Wolfgang Grulke UK government gets real

Posted: 28 December 2010 at 10:55
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