Doug Vining Another view from a patriotic US source

United States Seeks Tougher, Updated Intellectual Property Laws
But global efforts needed to counter piracy, theft, attorney general says
Posted: 20 November 2005 at 00:00

Angus Grimbeck Looming IPR Dislocation

A recent article from Silicon.Com entitled "Microsoft and Skype polarised over software patents and IPR in China loom large" documents comment from the European Leadership Forum event. It highlights what to my mind will become a huge issue before the whole IP protection schema is completely revised. If things go on as they are, it won't be too long before natural water is patented! It's big, big business but my sense is that the legal fraternity make far more money than the patent holders en masse. IPR dislocation is surely inevitable.


Posted: 7 December 2005 at 11:30
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