Gavin Chait China exports jobs

I remember reading somewhere (will look up) that China is actually battling to fill positions - some even in low paid, unskilled jobs. They have already started their own version of outsourcing to places like Vietnam and hotspots in Africa where pay and working conditions are even lower than in China.
Posted: 25 May 2005 at 00:00

Wolfgang Grulke RE: China exports jobs

I have just spent a few weeks in China and must say that based on my (admittedly short) experience, 'average' labor costs are always a bit of a red herring - in a country with no minimum wage people are often prepared to work for 'zero' as long as they get food and a roof over their head.
I don't think there is a country in Africa, or the world, that has the work ethic and beats the Chinese low labour costs/skill/attitude equation. Currently only about 200 million Chinese are a part of their economic revival - more than a billion are still excluded and knocking on the door - willing to work all day and night for what the rest of the world considers 'nothing'.
When Chinese companies 'offshore' it is usually to escape the 'Made in China' label and avoid import restrictions in the US and Europe.
Posted: 28 May 2005 at 00:00

Wolfgang Grulke Millions of graduates out of work...

It is believed that China needs to grow at 7% just to feed the new people joining the economy. But even that does not seem to be enough.

The Guardian reports that "Millions of Chinese graduates out of work after fivefold rise in university places. The economic crisis adds to woes of job-seekers with big loans and high expectations".

Posted: 4 December 2008 at 19:10
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