The Ten Business Commandments

Commandment 1: Capitalise on the world market and resources

Current Realities :

  • The world has become a global supermarket of goods and services.
  • National boundaries and geographically-based agencies are becoming irrelevant in global border-less markets.
  • People and skills are becoming increasingly mobile.
  • Your competitors are waging a new world war - this time for the best IQ to fuel their insatiable hunger for intellectual capital.
  • The marketplace has become a market space.

Strategic Actions:
  • See the world as your market. The only limits are in your mind. Test your attitudes to 'internationalization'. What do you and your management team read? How wide is your day-to-day business network?
  • See the world as a resource base - outsource those parts of your business you cannot make best-of-breed.
  • Wage a global war to attract the best skills to your business. One of the world's best may be more effective in your market than ten 'nationally best'.

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