The Information Age Scorecard

Rules-of-the-game for a changing global economy

The Information Age Scorecard is a unique tool enabling you, as a business leader, to see how prepared your company is for the future - how ready you are to compete against the new Information Age companies that are radically reshaping the rules of business, competitiveness and your industry.

This questionnaire will probe your perceptions of vital aspects of your company's current reality and your views of how your company ought to be positioned in future. We will use FutureWorld's unique Ten Business Commandments as a basis for this assessment and to give you an indication of how ready your company is to meet future market demands. It will also attempt to highlight potential areas for focus. Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will be given your ratings.

Finally, you will be able to compare your own perceptions against those of your peers in other companies around the world, both in your own specific industry, and overall.

Clearly the quality of the data base will improve over time as more and more organizations participate. You will be able to come back in future, to see how you compare against a wider sample of participants. It might be an idea to bookmark this page now!

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Rules-of-the-game for a changing global economy

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Ten Business Commandments

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How do I compare to the Global Information Age Scorecard Data Base?

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