About the network

FutureWorld is a collaboration of leaders in business, the professions and community who choose to network to help our clients understand the volatile world marketplace and choose their own futures.

The FutureWorld Global Think Tank is, in spirit and execution, a virtual and fractal network of independent individuals - top business leaders who are rewriting the rules of business in various fields.

We choose to work together to create radical business and personal change. We harness global best-of-breed resources for our clients and we differentiate ourselves through the unique qualities of our synthesis, passionate communication skills and practical application.

We share a common belief in the power of individual thought and action, and the power of the interconnected purpose of a fractal network.

Our shared principles are not tablets of stone, but are etched in each individual's heart and soul. We belong and we resonate.

Meet the Gurus

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The people below are the senior members of FutureWorld's network, providing critical input to the content of our presentations, giving keynote presentations, providing counsel for organizations as they attempt to implement future-focussed strategies based on our strategic inputs, and/or facilitating workshops with our clients. Our gurus operate globally.

To book any of these dynamic presenters, please contact FutureWorld International and let us match our Network of Gurus to your needs.

Neil Jacobsohn
Senior Partner - FutureWorld International, journalist, entrepreneur, marketer and innovator
Anton Musgrave
Senior Partner - FutureWorld International, entrepreneur, businessman, futurist and business strategist
Doug Vining
Technology and business Futurist, entrepreneur, MindBullets Editor.