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"Wolfgang. I applaud you!! You're doing incredible things. Thank God you left IBM - you are now truly of service to the world."
Elaine Bylos, Atlanta

"Wolfgang is one of the few thinkers able to shake up the intellectual trajectories of the world's leading executives. He expands the range of thought by challenging you to imagine and consider the possible. His insights are a 'must' for those responsible for creating vision."
JoEllyn Prouty McLaren: Director, Executive Education, London Business School

"It was so inspirational that you could not but be excited! Wolfgang was saying it is great to think big and be emotionally excited by taking on challenging opportunities. It was against this backdrop that the acquisition of Laing took place. We looked at the risks - and the opportunities. Although incremental improvements are OK, you do need a step change."
Ray O'Rourke, CEO of Laing O'Rourke

"Fantastic and insightful; extremely relevant in our context."
Peter Sands, Group CEO, Standard Chartered Bank

"Practical and inspirational. Highly relevant if you don't want someone else eating your cheese."
Radames Soto, CEO Wall Street Journal.com

Wolfgang Grulke

Author and Futurist; Chairman Emeritus FutureWorld International Limited

A former IBM executive, Wolfgang worked internationally with IBM for more than 25 years and was awarded the prestigious IBM Outstanding Innovation Award. He started FutureWorld as an informal business network in 1987. Since that time FutureWorld has been instrumental in helping major corporations and venture capital firms position themselves for the new world economy. He has addressed audiences in more than 20 countries, in person, on radio and on television. His article 'In Search of Simplicity' won the NACCA award for the best business article of the year and 'From Value Chain to Marketspace' was awarded the AFSM International Writing Award for Professional Writers and Consultants in Boston. Wolfgang is a Fellow of the Centre for Management Development at the London Business School and teaches regularly on the School's flagship Senior Executive Programme. He also works with Duke CE and Oxford University's Said Business School.

His best-selling books "Ten Lessons from the Future" and "Lessons in Radical Innovation: Out-of-the-box straight to the bottom line" are published by Financial Times/Prentice Hall world-wide and are also available in Chinese, Arabic and Spanish.

"It is no longer possible to learn just from experience - in this warp-speed world, it has become essential to learn from the future!"

Books by Wolfgang Grulke with Gus Silber

10 Lessons from the Future
Radical Innovation

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