Doug Vining

Doug is chief technology guru at the FutureWorld Global Network and is the Editor of MindBullets: News from the Future.

Doug is an experienced technology and strategy consultant, with a particular emphasis on leveraging internet technologies to grow customer and business networks. His abiding fascination with emerging technology of all types, from nanotech and biotech to 3D printing and clean energy, is only eclipsed by his firm conviction that communication technology is behind the explosive growth in knowledge on all fronts in recent decades.

"The ability of humans to learn from others by communicating ideas is what sets us apart as a species and compounds the effect of being massively interconnected, worldwide. Creativity and innovation do not flourish in a vacuum."

One of his favourite quotes is: "Those who say it can't be done shouldn't interrupt those who are busy doing it!"

"It's the End of the World - as we knew it. We have to learn how to survive - and succeed - in this new connected, exponential world of the future. It's already here!"

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