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Rising prices since 1985
Posted: 3 August 2015  
An interesting survey of how prices have increased in South Africa since 1995. Has your income kept pace?
Prices in South Africa – 1995 versus 2015
3 August 2015
MyBroadband takes a look at how the price of a Big Mac, Internet access, mobile phones, cellphone calls, and petrol have changed over the past 20 years.
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Even the mighty stumble...
Posted: 2 August 2015  
Even the mighty stumble from time to time. But the message is to never stop trying. Failure - intelligent failure - is just one more rock on the road to success. Which is why winning companies celebrate failure as a learning experience. The only thing worse than failure is not taking a risk. When the world is ...
Inside the sad, expensive failure of Google+
2 August 2015
Create a social network or risk everything. That was the original pitch for Google's Facebook rival, Google+, a refrain hammered over and over by the social network's chief arch...
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Shaking up the TV world
Posted: 1 August 2015  
And so another industry - this time terrestrial television - faces disruption...
Talent triumphs: Amazon pays $250m to seal deal for Clarkson, Top Gear team
1 August 2015
With a budget of a staggering R84m per episode over next three years, little wonder Jeremy Clarkson feels like he's "moved from a biplane into a spaceship."
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Amazon's drone delivery dream
Posted: 30 July 2015  
Amazon's idea of delivering orders via drones is not a joke! See how they are developing these plans, including tackling new legislation around flying drones. Most companies would abandon this as a crazy idea with insurmountable problems. Amazon's approach is to say: how can we make it happen?
Amazon Plans "High-Speed Transit Zones” for Drones to Fly Packages to Your Home | MIT Technology Rev
30 July 2015
To get its drone delivery service off the ground, Amazon must convince regulators to adopt its ideas for drone traffic control.
No batteries needed for these delivery drones
Dateline: 7 March 2017
The biggest hurdle for electric aircraft has always been the weight of the batteries, and as nimble as they are, quadrotors and octocopters typically had ...
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In search of the exaflop
Posted: 31 July 2015  
At the moment China has the world's fastest computer. That's not good for American egos, so the US is going to create the first computer capable of an exaflop.
US sets goal for faster supercomputer
31 July 2015
President Obama has announced an ambitious plan to build the world's fastest computer.
Supercomputer breaks the exaflop barrier
Dateline: 27 January 2019
China's Tianhe-9B has trumped America's Oak Ridge Labs in the race to exascale computing, with a full 1,000 petaflop record. Despite all their tweaking, ...
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100% internet connectivity looms...and the rules of the game are changing
Posted: 31 July 2015  
One hundred percent global Internet connectivity, linking every citizen on the planet...a crazy idea? Absolutely. But no fewer than four exponential organisations, all with deep pockets, are working flat-out to make this idea a reality.
Google's Project Loon is about a network of low-flying balloons around the ...
Here’s the Drone That Facebook Plans to Fly in the Stratosphere to Bring Internet Connectivity to th
31 July 2015
Facebook is about to begin beaming down Internet access from a solar-powered drone the size of an airliner.
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