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Flying cars will be a reality
Posted: 18 April 2017 1 Comment

One of our science fiction dreams has always been flying cars...and yet they have sadly failed to materialise. But watch this space! This is just one of many companies working on the dream. And check out the video of a working demonstration of the military model that is already flying.

Is this the flying car you've been waiting for?
18 April 2017
For the past several years, Israeli aerospace firm Urban Aeronautics has been developing a VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) aircraft that was first known as the AirMule, and is now called the Cormorant. Although the vehicle is aimed mainly at military applications, the company has previously mentioned that its Metro Skyways subsidiary is exploring the possibility of a civilian aircraft ...
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Space debris threatens our future
Posted: 22 April 2017

Over the past few years, we have published a few MindBullets about the dangers of space debris - see below. But this latest documentary from the European Space Agency puts the issue into stark perspective.

http://www.futureworld.org/PublicZone/MindBullets/MindBulletsDetails.aspx?MindBulletID=527 ...

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Elon Musk's plans to reach into our brains
Posted: 22 April 2017

There is no limit, it seems, to Elon Musk's curiosity and determination to change the world. PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, Solar City (now part of Tesla), Hyperloop....it goes on and on. And now there's Neuralink, his new company aimed at building an interface between our brains and the digital world - what Musk has ...

Here's Everything You Need to Know about Elon Musk's Human/AI Brain Merge
22 April 2017
Elon Musk is ready to transform our minds.
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The power of truth and science
Posted: 22 April 2017

In this era of post truth and 'alternative facts', astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has a powerful message for anyone who believes in truth and the power of scientific thinking. Take the time to listen.

Watch: Neil deGrasse Tyson Has a Critically Important Message for Americans
22 April 2017
The famed scientist has something you need to hear.
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Google's latest patent is glue to stick people to cars!
Posted: 22 April 2017

That's a crazy idea! But is it crazy enough? That's a phrase we often use to stimulate creative thinking when we work with our clients around the world. And it certainly applies to the latest patent from Google - special adhesive on cars that will stick pedestrians who get hit in an accident to the bonnet of the ...

Google's New Patent? Sticky Cars That Don't Let Go of People They Run Over (No, Seriously)
22 April 2017
A new Google patent featuring a rather innovative use of adhesive technology could make self-driving cars safer for pedestrians who are getting run over.
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Facebook, listen to my thoughts
Posted: 21 April 2017

In one of those slightly bizarre coincidences, we wrote a MindBullet seven years ago, suggesting that in the future (still to come) you would have a small earbud that could read your brainwaves and send out a tweet, just by thinking about it. We've seen lots of research and some progress towards brain-computer ...

Facebook imagines tapping brain waves
21 April 2017
Facebook’s research unit, Building 8, is working to make it possible for people to type using signals from their brains, part of the lab’s broader effort ...
Brain computer interface works like a hearing aid
Dateline: 20 March 2022
Now you can update your Facebook status and search Google just by thinking about it. And you don't need fancy headgear or wires sticking out of your ...