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Published on: 17 August 2017

Local activists stirring up resistance to the invasion

Dateline: 11 August 2019

"It's worse than migration," says an Arran spokesperson, "they are destroying our neighbourhoods and culture!" Arran is the radical anti-tourist movement in Spain. In Barcelona, Rome and Venice, protest marches have turned violent, and travel advisories have been issued by British and American authorities. Tensions between hordes of foreign tourists and nationalist locals have been escalating for the past two years, and are now boiling over. Share bikes and Uber cars have had their tyres slashed, and ...

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The future death of Big Oil
Posted: 16 August 2017

This excellent analysis of how exponential technologies can flip an industry is well worth a read. The end of internal combustion engines spells the end of demand for gasoline. What isn't discussed in this article is that the sudden change will reverse the declining demand for electricity, but as we've discussed ...

This is how Big Oil will die – NewCo Shift
16 August 2017
Self-driving cars will be electric because of cost. And the cost will be so low, oil will not survive.
Stocks crash as executive orders bite
Dateline: 5 February 2021
US President Bernie Sanders has signed a series of Executive Orders designed as emergency measures to combat climate change. The net effect is to make ...
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Computer virus transmitted by DNA
Posted: 15 August 2017

Years ago - 13 years to be specific, I wrote a MindBullet about a computer virus making the leap to a biological system, and infecting a human. Well, scientists have already demonstrated how one part of that loop could be accomplished. They edited a strand of DNA, coding it with malware that infected the machine ...

Malicious code written into DNA infects the computer that reads it
15 August 2017
In a mind-boggling world first, a team of biologists and security researchers have successfully infected a computer with a strand of DNA. It sounds like..
SARS-22 outbreak linked to software bug
Dateline: 13 February 2022
Panic erupted in Hong Kong's Silicon Alley when it was discovered that the latest outbreak of SARS came from a computer virus. Thousands of people demanded ...
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Making it in Space
Posted: 15 August 2017

Made In Space just took another step toward its goal of building telescopes and other large structures off Earth.
A 3D printer built by the California-based company churned out multiple polymer-alloy objects — the largest of which was a 33.5-inch-long (85 centimeters) beam — during a 24-day test inside a thermal ...

Space-Based 3-D Printing Reaches Milestone
15 August 2017
Successful test suggests “Archinaut” system could soon assemble huge structures in orbit
3D printing in space solves problem of launching huge rockets
Dateline: 3 November 2025
A decade ago the first 3D printer to go to space was sent to the International Space Station. It proved to be so useful, more, bigger printers soon ...
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The infernal combustion engine's days are numbered
Posted: 11 August 2017

The Economist weighs in with an analysis of the future impact of the shift to electric cars, and says the death of the internal combustion engine will have many ramifications for industry and government in the future. As batteries become more efficient and cheaper, the advantages of electric propulsion accelerate, ...

The death of the internal combustion engine
11 August 2017
It had a good run. But the end is in sight for the machine that changed the world.
But they're driving the Energy Internet and saving the city
Dateline: 2 June 2030
It's official. It's now cheaper, on average, to buy a new electric car than one that burns gasoline, without subsidies. But it's not having any effect on ...
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Published on: 10 August 2017

The internet of everything exposes all our faults

Dateline: 9 August 2020

There's an old adage of mobsters everywhere: "You're only guilty if you get caught!" Now it seems that everyone is guilty. Who can say they've never, ever committed a crime? Perhaps you cheated on a tax expense, or told a little white lie that made you look good; maybe you embellished your resume - just a bit - or left out a part of your history when you told all to your spouse-to-be. Probably most of us have exceeded the speed limit on occasion, or perhaps smoked or drank something we legally ...

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